Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Sad Day

 Lately I've been trying to edit my music preferences to be a little more kid friendly...
(because I'd like to put off as long as possible explaining to Rhett what Ke$ha means when she says she wants to take a ride on your disco stick...)

Anyway, Rhett and I were dancing in our kitchen

and I went and played some old songs that I hadn't listened to in awhile.

And I was trying to dance and I just couldn't get into my old groove. 

I mean I was never a backup dancer for Usher, but I could dance.

It was totally gone...I could only find my rhythm when we were dancing to anything pre-Britney S.

I feel like an old frumpy mom.
What's next....high elastic waistband pants and sweater vests?? 

Sad sad day.


  1. well at least you could at some point! Also, its lady gaga who takes a ride of a disc stick. I might have that cd in my car...Oh my gosh-- I'm trying to show how current I am and I'm taking about a "CD." Thats so 2003.

  2. Just come over and dance on the kinect and you'll get your groove back. ;)