Saturday, March 12, 2011

A Picture's Worth 1000 Words

So I've been debating something for awhile. Debating whether or not I want to become one of those moms... a mom who goes a little crazy about her kiddo because she thinks her baby is God's gift to the infant world. This is what I've been debating. For years now I have loved the morning talk show Regis and Kelly. (I was destined to be a  stay-at-home-mom) Every summer they do a cute baby contest, and I've been toying with the idea of entering Rhett's picture. I know what your thinking...I'm becoming one of those moms. But don't judge please. It's more than a cute baby contest. It's a scholarship program. :)

So this is where I need your help. Below are 5 pictures of Rhett. Vote for your favorite one. (Please only vote once.) Then leave a comment below telling me that you voted. On Wednesday I will use a Random Number Generator to pick a winner of a $10 gift card to ColdStone Creamery or Jamba Juice...your choice...from those who told me they voted. If you want to have 2 chances to win, start following my blog and  tell me in a separate comment that you are now following.


 Thanks for your help!
And I promise I won't let my child turn into something like this.


  1. I voted! Tough choice...he's so cute :)

  2. I voted! Good luck! One photo contest isn't gonna ruin your cute little guy! :)

  3. And I'm following (via reader)!

  4. D is really the cutest out of all the cute ones. He just looks genuinely happy. Good luck on the contest!

  5. That was a tough decision cause they are all so cute. But I voted!

  6. Voted but my pic favorite is way behind. :( And holy cow, that little girl is scary.

  7. I'm following your blog now, too.


  8. And now that I've found your blog, I'm a follower! Sounds like you all are doing well, Rhett is adorable.

  9. Just voted because he's adorable! I've been enjoying you blog lately:)

  10. voted and follow. :) love your little family