Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Little Hands

Last Night...

Last night...

I felt something grab my bum in the middle of the night. Scared me to death. Turned out just to be Jake. He likes me. :)

The night before...

Jake was asleep and was reaching out saying "I want it, I want it!" Apparentl he can throw a temper tantrum in his sleep.

And the night before that...

Jake told me to stop being such a "she-bear" (???)

He has also woken himself up from his own snoring.
And he wonders why I wear ear plugs.

He drew me this picture as well. :)

I'm one lucky girl.

Sunday, January 23, 2011


So after the downer of the previous post, I feel obligated to post something that will uplift your Monday morning.

Watch this. Now. Do it.

I feel a strong desire to perfect my British accent.
Yet another reason to love the BBC.
Happy Monday!
You're welcome. :)


I am frustrated. What about? This: $$$$. Right now I just want to go rob a bank so I can FINALLY get to some of the projects, etc, I have been day dreaming about. (Side note if you are poor, limit the amount of time you spend reading Real Simple and Martha Stewart in the grocery line. It will only further the feelings of poverty frustration. And I would never rob a bank in real life.)

I know, I know, money doesn't buy happiness...but I'm sure it helps.

It's 11:30 at night and I can't sleep because I just feel...frustrated. It seems like any time we start to get a little ahead, something happens that puts us right back where we started. I know I have SO MUCH to be grateful for. So much that so many people dream of having. I have an absolutely adorable son. I have a handsome, caring, quirky, hardworking, sings in the shower husband. I'm healthy. We rent a fantastic home. I just need to vent.

So here it goes. If you continue to read, please don't judge, I just need to get it off my chest.

1. I'm frustrated that my ideas usually get put on a figurative shelf until some later ambiguous date.
2. I'm frustrated that Rhett and Jake often have legitimate needs that use a lot of our resources.
3. I'm frustrated that if I do get something for myself to do, read, study, try or wear it almost always gets returned because something else comes up.
4. I'm frustrated that my personal "allowance" usually ends up going toward Rhett and Jake.
5. I'm frustrated that in a week I'll be taking a week long job, which will be pretty demanding, which I will have Rhett with me the whole time, and all the money I'll be earning will be going toward buying Jake new suits.
6. I'm frustrated that I just found the most amazing dress that made me feel so pretty and sexy and confident that was on an amazing sale and I had to return it.
7. I'm frustrated for the time it takes to cut coupons and shop the sales. (Although it does feel good to save at least 60% every time we grocery shop.)

That's enough for now. I know this must make me sound like the worlds biggest whiner and ingrate. I guess I'm just looking forward to the day when I can go to Joann's or Star Mill Antiques or Home Depot or Nordstroms and not have to count every single penny (literally). I don't need a huge house. I don't need to go to Europe every summer. I don't need to get my nails done every week. I just want to be able to feel like it's OK to buy something for myself.

Thanks for listening. :)

Thursday, January 20, 2011

I see you...

Reading my blog. And I wanted to say thank you!
(P.S. Isn't this a fabulous picture? If I could pull it off I would totally wear this hat.)
I'm always amazed when I look at my stats and see who is reading and where they are from.
So far the breakdown looks something like this:

United States: 5,940 Canada: 210
Germany: 194 Mexico: 74
United Kingdom: 68 Finland: 53
Japan: 28 Russia: 21
Taiwan: 21 Egypt:17
Spain: 15 Saudi Arabia: 12
Really, I feel humbled and grateful to see that our little life is being read all over the world.
I'm pretty sure I don't know anyone in Saudi Arabia, but if I do and I'm forgetting your name I apologize! :)
And as a side note, please don't be afraid to leave a COMMENT!!!
Because we all know the more comments you get, the more awesome you are. :)
And who doesn't need a little validation in their life?

Jake thinks he's so funny

So the other night I was watching the Bachelor (Yes I like that show. Although I'm not so much a fan of Brad Womack, the current bachelor. Something about the way he talks rubs me the wrong way. But more on than later.) and enjoying the romance, as planned and unrealistic as it may be. You've got to admit though, that going on a date in a helicopter, to be serenaded by Seal while wearing a custom 55 caret diamond necklace, would be totally awesome.


So I'm watching this and I get up to get a drink and a snack and I leave the laptop next to Jake. I come back and wiggle the mouse to refresh the screen and what's on the desktop? Not Brad with his shirt off, not a girl crying because he kissed another girl, not another pool party with everyone drinking champagne by the bucket. No, not anything slightly romantic.

There was this man staring at me.

Totally freaked me out.

And Jake could not stop laughing.


Jake has also recently discovered you can create pick up lines using diaper brands.

For example: "You're love is like a diaper. You give me Huggies. "


"Luvs ain't got nothing on your love baby."

He finds himself quite witty.

I bet Brad would never say that on a date.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

To my future daughter in law

Remember-I loved him first.
Please don't forget that.
And I'm sure we'll get along fine. :)

It's Never too Early

To have your kiddo learn to help around the house.
(a.k.a pull his weight)

Today Rhett is learning to fold laundry.
Or more like roll around in it.
And yes I mixed my whites and my darks.
Don't judge.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Swept Off My Feet

Jake is a usually wonderful at being romantic.
He leaves me little notes.
He rubs my feet.
He loves to cuddle.
He gets my car door.
He twirls me in the grocery store.
We slow dance in the kitchen.
But some times he misses the mark.
The other night I mentioned how much I would love love love to go back to Mexico for a second honeymoon, have him bring him a Pina Colada and to wear a really cute (sexy) bathing suit that made me look like Ms. America.
His response: "How about we go eat at a mexican resturant, I get you some Pina Colada flavored gum, and you can wear your favorite bra."

So close honey, but not quite the same.
Please watch this clip and one day take me to Mexico.

Here's to happily ever after. :)

Plastic Surgery

As a disclainmer I am honestly, truly verAlign Centery happy with the way I look.
But....if I could look like Gloria from Modern Family...I would seriously consider it.

I even have started to call Jake "Yake" (use a spanish accent)
just in case one day I look a little more ethnic.
P.S. If you haven't seen Modern Family we HIGHLY recommend it.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

I Love My Ducks

Poor Oregon Ducks.

They came so close to the National Championship. Sniff.

Here's to a GREAT season!

P.S. Jake's a Beavers fan.

We're a divided house.

I just like the Duck's uniforms better.
And we all know how important that is.

Bye bye college football season.
(Now I get my husband back)

Monday, January 10, 2011

For Holley

My friend Holley has told me how much she laughs at Jake's middle of the night conversations. And since it's a Monday, and I know she's at work, I'm posting this in hopes of brightening her snowy, cold, Monday morning.

Around 1:52 AM last night...

Jake bolts up in bed and starts waving his hands in front of him as if he was defending himself. I ask him what he was doing.

Jake: "I'm blocking." (Starts to laugh)

Me: "Are you awake?"

Jake: "I LOVE you!" (Very enthusiastic)

Me: "I love you too honey. What were you blocking?"

Jake: "Everything!"

He then looked around the room, sighed, and went back to sleep.

Love love love him. :)

Saturday, January 8, 2011


The mailman just came and purposely knocked some of the icicles down.

I'm pretty sure Jake would have chased after him if he had had shoes on.

He is currently outside trying to salvage what is left.

Yes, that is Rhett's nose boogie sucker.

He's filling it with water and having it drip down the icicles.

He just came in and informed me he's going to repeat this process tonight.

I think the postman won today.

Jake's Goal

Is for these icicles

to grow so long

that they turn our front porch into an "ice prison". (His words.)

The longest one is currently 31 inches.

My goal: To avoid being bayoneted by one of them when coming and going.

I wonder how much longer the mailman will keep delivering our mail.

Friday, January 7, 2011

Month 5

Dear Rhett,

How did you get to be 5 months? How did yo get to be so handsome? You get more and more fun each day. We love the little boy you are becoming. In the mornings you wake up cooing and babbling and usually squeal with happiness when you see us. There is nothing that boosts my confidence more than that.

One of my favorite things about you is your chubby thighs. Your Michelin man rolls are so kissable. You are a hefty little man but you're more solid and thick than plump. Weighing in at 16 lbs 10 ounces you are wearing 6 to 12 month clothing. I love shopping for you. We go together and we get which ever option you reach for. Which is sometimes both, but that shows you've got my genes. :)

You are our little jumping bean. When ever you are standing you start pushing off whatever surface you're on and start jumping. You love your Johnny Jump-Up. You bounce like your life was depending on it. You bounce in circles, you bounce on one foot, on both feet, with your hands in the air, while sucking on your fists, while cooing, while crying.

You love your toes more than we ever thought anyone could love their toes. You get so frustrated if for some reason they are out of your grasping fingers. You're so close to getting them in your little mouth but your Budda belly is a little too round. Still, you're more flexible than either me or your dad. Our favorite is when you are grabbing both sets of toes and then roll onto your side because gravity takes over. So long as you can still see and grab your toes you'll lay on your side for a long time.

One morning when we were having morning cuddle time, you decided to roll from your back to your tummy. I don't know who was more proud, us or you. Now that you can roll, we can't keep you on your back. Problem is you can't roll the other way yet so you get frustrated after awhile.
And you are so gung-ho about learning something new that already you are starting to scoot. You look so surprised when you push yourself forward. I'm counting the weeks till you start crawling. I'm predicting 8ish.

I think you've inherited a little bit of your dad's love for gadget with buttons. You love our cell phones. You love watching the screen light up when you hit a button. You love to try and grab the phone when we're talking on it. When you're really fussy when we're out running errands I turn no my ring tone playlist and you have a happy little jam session in your car seat. And I swear you're starting to put the phone to your ear like you're talking on it.

You're our favorite. Thank you for coming to us. :)

Mom and Dad

Things we talk about when we're tired

Does the amount of nose hair a man has relate to the amount of ear hair he'll have when he gets older?

Answer: The only conclusive proof we could find was a picture.

If we were an animal, what kind we would be.

Julia: "You would be an ostrich."

Jake: "That might be the most unflattering thing you've ever told me."

Julia: " would be a lion."
Jake: "And you would be a tiger and I would name you Sheba."

Julia: "You've thought about what you would name your pet tiger?"

Jake: "Of haven't?"

As for the rest I think we both fell asleep mid conversation.

Monday, January 3, 2011

The Little Piggys

I don't think anyone loves their toes as much as Rhett does.


Sometimes I don't know why we worried so much about choosing Rhett's name.

This kiddo has so many nicknames.



Mr. Handsome Pants



Mr. Man

Mamma's little one


Snuggle Monkey

Little Fella

Dad's buddy

Jumping bean

Little Bug

No matter what we call him, we love him.

Our Marriage Medley

730 days ago Jake and I became husband and wife.

And we were happy.

Now two years later we are even happier. :)

This might be a little quirky, but as a tribute to our 2 years of marriage and our 3 years of being together I've complied a list of songs that memorialize our relationship over time.

It's our "Marriage Medley"


Dating and Pre-Engagement:


Married and for the rest of our lives :)

Love true love.