Saturday, March 26, 2011


Most mornings we bring Rhett into bed with us when he wakes up. We've done it since he was itty-bitty. Originally it was so that we could doze while he drank his morning bottle, but now that he's crawling dozing isn't really an option. He loves to crawl on top of Jake's face and hit him till Jake responds with tickles and growls. He plays with my hair and sees how close he can get to the edge of the bed before we grab his feet and pull him back. And it's our favorite time of the day.

And Saturdays are especially wonderful because we get as much morning snuggle time as we want. I know one day we won't do this. That Saturday morning cartoons will steal my kids (and my husband) and I know I'll miss these lazy hours.

I guess that's why I'm typing this...because I know I can't take a photograph that will really capture the giggles from Rhett and Jake's deep breathing (snoring) as he tries to sleep a little longer. It couldn't capture the comforting sound of the heater coming on. A photograph can't find the security of me tucking my feet in the blanket around Jake's feet because mine are freezing. Or the sounds of our neighbors dog barking when he's let out for the first time that day. Or how fuzzy Rhett's hair is in the morning. And even though Rhett isn't quite 8 months I am still afraid of forgetting how much I love our life, my husband, my son and these simple moments of contentment.

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  1. love. You guys are the most adorable little family ever.