Friday, October 30, 2009

In Memory of the Snails

Jake and I have been on a unintentional killing spree. We feel so bad about it. Seven snails have lost their lives to the bottom of our shoes. We apologize to the snail community for not looking where we step. We promise to tread a little lighter and watch where we walk.

Our condolences to the snail's families.

A Defect of my Kind

I can't open my Nalgene bottle. Jake put the lid on too tight. I'm straining, and struggling to open the darn thing, but it's not budging. If I were about to die from thirst, I would die a parched, thirsty death. From this, I have concluded that I have weak arms.

Dwight was right, weak arms are the defect of being a girl.

I'm going to the gym.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Don't Trifle with our Trifle

When we were engaged we registered for a trifle bowl...because every newly married couple needs a trifle bowl for all the trifle they make. So after 10 months of marriage we finally got ours out and helped it fulfill it's purpose. We made trifle.

Chocolate, brownie, trifle.

At 1:57 AM.

Trifle at 1:57 AM. Yum.


Jake' s Hair

Jake and I have been having a debate about his hair. I would like it if he did something a little different with it, some thing will a little more texture. A little more va va voom. We just watched The Proposal (Loved the movie. As I side note I have a crush on Sandra Bullock. Love her) and when the male lead, Ryan Reynolds, came on screen, it hit me, that's what I want Jake's hair to look like.

Jake is already a ten on the handsome scale, but with va va voom hair he would be a 12. Minimum.

Jake's argument against the change-the thickness of his hair. He said, "My hair is too thin. I have anorexic hair."

Anorexic hair...

Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Gorgeous red rock + 80 degree weather + time with the husband = SUCH a great trip.

Jake's so tall.

And I'm so strong.

This was our America's Next Top Model fashion shoot.



We have a new favorite song.
It's been stuck in our heads for the past few days.
So what's the confession?
The song is Party in the Miley Cyrus.
Shake'n my head like yeah, move'n my hips like yeah.

Dance party at our place.

Friday, October 16, 2009

10 Reasons Why My Wife is Awesome

1. She loves to dance

2. She's a human ice-cycle

3. She genuinely loves just about everybody she meets

4. She's given up on going to bed early

5. She has the most beautiful big eyes

6. She loves me unconditionally

7. She wants to have a family

8. She could win a cereal eating contest against anybody

9. She makes me laugh

10.Her dad secretly was a baker because she's got nice buns ;-)

Thursday, October 15, 2009

The Happy Show

That's what we call the most warm-fuzzy show ever, aka Extreme Makeover: Home Edition. It gives us goosebumps of happiness. We LOVE it.

Why do we LOVE this show? Well, we don’t know about you, but it is what’s lurking behind that big bus which keeps us absolutely riveted from week-to-week: a house pimped out to the extreme. It's an extremely uplifting show, as the renovated home always belongs to a deserving family. It's extreme transformation. And it’s extremely community-oriented.

You’ll see dingy kitchens get completely tricked out, spa-inspired bathrooms built where icky ones once were, and Olympic-sized swimming pools installed in what were once shabby overgrown yards. It's stuff we know you’d want at your own home - and then some. And Ty and his crew do it from the ground up, adding five-star luxuries and the occasional theme park attraction.

And one of the most astounding things about the show is that it’s a race against time. What they under take is a project that would normally span several months, involving a team of designers, contractors and hundreds of workers. But the glitch is they have just seven days to totally rebuild an entire house!

Before you start getting all jealous, the lucky homeowners always have a heartening back-story: Heroes, community leaders, and a plethora of inspirational families are truly the heart and soul of the show. There's that saying, "home is where the heart is," and Extreme Makeover: Home Edition puts the heart right where it belongs. (USA Today)

Keep a box of tissues handy for Extreme Makeover: Home Edition because the tears of joy WILL flow.


Now excuse us while we watch this weeks episode and have a good cry.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Days till our one year anniversary: 78

Weeks until Christmas: 11

Tests left to take in the testing center for the rest of my life: 10

Days till Lost Season 6 starts: About 94

Weeks till I turn 25 (gulp): 11 1/2

Ways I can procrastinate studying for my Adult Development test: infinite

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Our 15 Minutes of Fame

When I found out that Obama had won the Nobel Peace prize, I decided to flex my political voice and comment on the situation via my Facebook status bar. I wrote, " Someone needs to pull a Kanye West, and tell Obama someone else desrves the the Nobel Peace Prize". I felt pretty clever, mixing pop culture with political savvy. I wasn't expecting any response. I was just one comment on the subject. But then people started commenting on my status. Comments like "If I could hit the "Like" button a million times for that status, I totally would! By FAR the best status I've seen all day!!" and "Amen sista! Where's Kanye when you need him!"

And then came my real 15 minutes of fame. On someone elses Facebook status I read, "favorite quote regarding Obama Nobel Prize: "Someone needs to pull a Kanye West, and tell Obama someone else desrves the the Nobel Peace Prize""

I was quoted. I felt just like Glen Beck.

Jake's 15 minutes came at the testing center. He got a 96% on his test and next to his ID number it said "GREAT JOB". He got the covented testing center words of praise. The words that everyone longs to see next to their hubby got.


Jake's Special Talent

I have a very talented husband. He never ceases to amaze me with his vast array of hidden talents such as imitating a vulture, creating amazing marinades and spaghetti sauces, and being an amazing shower singer. This week we discovered a new talent. He can talk just like Ms. Piggy.


The Small Things

There are some weeks when Jake and I don't see each other for more 3 hours a day before we go to bed. This is isn't our favorite situation, but we make it work. One night when we get home and after dinner (at 9:30 PM) we decided to color in Jake's birthday coloring book.

Jake is amazing at coloring. He stays in the lines and everything.


Thursday, October 8, 2009

My Post Graduation Job Plan

We are going to be so financially stable.


Saturday, October 3, 2009

I Love My Husband

I love my husband.
He took me on a date this weekend.
We went to the Cheesecake Factory.
It was so yummy. And it was so fun.
I love him.