Friday, March 18, 2011

My Hero

"In the Lord's plan it takes two - a man and a woman - to form a whole." Elder Richard G. Scott

Well as of late I've felt like Julia has been about 80-90% of our whole. This semester has been very busy and because of that Julia is with Rhett all day with minimal help from me. Sometimes I don't even get home until Rhett is asleep. Yet through it all she has been a champion. She always tries to put me first even when she really needs a break. Sometimes I often have to stop and remind her that she needs some time to herself and that she deserves a break. I'm so grateful for everything she does in our family. For how well she does with Rhett, for how much she loves me, and for how selfless she is. I'm very lucky to have her and felt like I needed to post this so everybody could know how amazing she is and to remind other husbands to always remember how much their wives do for them. We're very lucky.

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