Tuesday, March 29, 2011

A Life in Verse

In a faraway place, where horses run wild
Lived a beautiful girl, with the heart of a child
She grew up right, always saying her prayers
So to go on a mission
And save Germans from snares
But then she came home
And off to college she went
Where she dated each day
And her time was well spent
In biking, in baking, in climbing on ropes
And  through it all, she had highest hopes
Of a wonderful man, so handsome and strong
That would come to her rescue
She couldn’t be wrong
For she was in Provo
A BYU student
To not get married? Well that wouldn’t be prudent.
Well that “one day” did come
And with it her prince
He asked her to marry, and she was convinced
So off they struck, on their newest adventure
To love and to cherish
Whatever the venture
They laughed and they played
Oh their life was a breeze
Then they started a family
A new life if you please
Along came a son so handsome and cute
But they must admit, there were trials to boot
Diapers, and crying plus the sleep they were craving
If they were observed, you’d think they were raving
But they passed through the trials
And with that new life
Came laughter, and giggles, and a beautiful wife
Oh before she was gorgeous and wonderful too
But now as a mother, these words just won’t do
This daughter of God, now a parent become
Was never more fit for an eternal kingdom
Her family loved her and her Father did too
Because as a mother, there are very few
Who love, and devote all their life so completely
For this and much else I love her so deeply
So now who knows what the future may hold
But with her by my side, it’s a sight to behold.