Sunday, September 27, 2009

Rhino "Sheer Awesomeness" Miller

We are now the proud parents of a handsome, feisty, little, beta fish. His name is Rhino "Sheer Awesomeness" Miller. If you say his first name and middle name fast enough, it sounds something like rhinoceros.

We named him Rhino based on the hamster from the movie Bolt. I've never seen Jake laugh so hard in a movie as he did when Rhino was onscreen. Here's a sample of our fishes namesake.

Our Rhino doesn't have a ball, but he does have a sweet plant in his tank, and he likes to chase his tail/fin while he swims in circles.

We love this little guy. Welcome to the family Rhino!


The Glass: Half Empty or Half Full

I have the flu and a head cold. Blah. Big blah. I've been lying in bed, aching, and wishing I could breath through my nose. And while it's not been the most enjoyable week ever, I have found some good things that come from having the flu. So here is what I've learned, 10 reasons why the flu is miserable and why it's not so bad.

Starting with the miserable reasons:
1. Every bone in my body aches.
2. My nose is raw and red. Just call me Rudolph.
3. I walk around the house with a Hitler like mustache of lotion under my nose, to help with the rawness and redness. So hot.
4. I talk like a man.
5. I breath like a goose.
6. I have gone through 2 rolls of toilet paper and a box of tissues.
7. Everyone asks me if I have swine flu. Usually they ask more than once.
8. My breath permanently smells like cough drops.
9. I can't kiss my husband. :(
10. I sometimes sleep with tissues in my nose.

Now for the good things:
1. I don't have to feel guilty about not cleaning the house.
2. Jake gives me great massages.
3. I don't have to ride my bike to school. I hate the big hill. We drive.
4. I can wear comfy clothes all day.
5. Make-up is not necessary.
6. I've lost 3 pounds.
7. Jake let's me go to bed early. :)

Ok, so I can only think of seven. Still, having the flu does have some advantages.


Saturday, September 19, 2009

The Ice Cream Man

This is a story about the ice cream man and his truck.

One fine evening, after a depressing BYU football game, Jake went down stairs to get the laundry. As he was coming up the stairs, through the late summer breeze came the tinkling sounds of It's a Small World After All. As the music wafted over Jake, he saw the ice cream man drive by in his colorful truck holding promises of delicious goodness and childhood memories.

Jake dropped the laundry and took off down the street following the ice cream man. As he was running, he was soon joined by a Hispanic boy pushing his friend in a wheelchair. Racing with long strides all three boys had the same goal...getting ice cream.

After rounding the corner, Jake, the Hispanic boy, and the boy in the wheelchair, caught up with the ice cream man. Joy, pure joy.

Jake made his selection, a Ninja Turtle ice cream treat for him, and for his little wife, a Drumstick (her all time favorite).

He returned home, picked up the laundry, and greeted his wife with a kiss and the ice cream.

The End

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Family Prayer

I'm afraid we missed the mark.

Jake and I try to pray together before we go to bed at night. But one of our major problems is that we always want the other to say the prayer. I feel that whoever says the dinner prayer does not have to say the bedtime prayer. However, Jake bases who says the bedtime prayer on who said it the night before. For example, some days I will say the prayer on the way to school (yes we pray in the car)and at dinner and because Jake said the bedtime prayer the night before, it's up to me to pray that night too. That's alot of prayers.

Maybe we need to be more like our nursery kids and just join in the prayer whenever we feel like it. They do that.

Prayer time should be a reverant time and somehow it almost always turns into wrestle time. That's Jake's fault.

I am usually dead tired by prayer time, so usually I fall asleep during our bedtime prayer. This is really only a problem when I pray, I tend to start verbally praying my dreams. Like about nannies taking care of obese children.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Recipie For A Perfect Weekend

(Sorry, it's starts on Friday night)

6 pm: Date night with the husband. In honor of his birthday, dinner at 5 Guys Burgers and Fries with Kyle and Mellisa.
7pm: Salt Lake Bees baseball game including a home run and a proposal.
11pm: Home and ready for bed.

8:30 am: Waking up with out an alarm, make breakfast, do homework and get it out of the way. No more text books the rest of the weekend.
12:00 pm: Lunch,(not that I hadn't been grazing all morning)peanut butter and honey sandwiches, a weekend classic.
1:30 pm: Relax with the hubby.
2:30 pm: Shower and get ready for the day.
4:00 pm: We start to get motivated to leave the apartment for the first time that day.
4:30 pm: Run a couple of errands, one of which involves the buying a killer dress at Target. :)
5:30 pm: Jake gets a new dress shirt and socks.(He loves getting new socks)
7:00 pm: Starving for pizza and to watch the BYU football game.
8:45 pm: On the edge of our seats watching BYU score the game winning touchdown.
9:00 pm: Jumping off our seats as BYU beats Oklahoma!!
9:30 pm: Home again for chips, salsa, and Tositio's cheese dip and Creamies and cuddling while watching a movie.

Relaxing, cuddling,a new dress, a baseball game, junk food, football all with the husband? A very happy weekend indeed.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

3 Days Is Just a Bit Too Long

My trip to Florida was our first time apart since we've been married. Honestly, I wasn't a fan. Everything is more fun with Jake. But as they say, "absence makes the heart grow fonder" and I agree. Yay for being home :)

Bear Lake Idaho

With the school year right around the corner Jake and I felt the need to run away. To get out and avoid thinking about the homework and expensive text books that lay just ahead of us. We needed a final fling before we buckled down for the fall semester. So when our friends (and devoted Lost watching buddies) suggested a trip to Bear Lake we packed up and shipped out.

Highlights of the trip included:

Snorkeling in the lake


Being dunked by Jake

Freezing in the water with Melissa


Balderdash: What is the movie "Sensations" about?
Jake: A documentary about the mind numbing effects of Listerine
Kyle: A documentary about the effect of curry on the human digestive system
Julia: A documentary about Helen Keller

Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader? (Apparently not in geography)

Fishing for the first time

Kyle's line getting caught...and him swimming in freezing H2O

Jet Skis!

Going 45mph on the jet skis

Playing James Bond/Transporter/Born Ultimatum on the jet skis

Hot fudge milkshakes