Sunday, March 13, 2011

Old's been to long.

Dear long warm shower,
It has been too long since we spent quality time together. It was SO wonderful to get reacquainted this evening. You always make me feel so good about myself.

Dear deep hydrating hair mask,
You are secretly my favorite. You make my hair soft as silk and smell like oranges. My ends were in desperate need of your generous service. Thanks for your help tonight. :)

Dear body scrubbing salt,
All I will say is that Jake will be extra grateful for you tonight when he gives me my leg massage tonight. Let's meet up again SOON.

Dear new razor blade,
You are AWESOME!! I didn't realize how dull your former friend had become. She was horribly dull. (No pun intend.)

Old friends...lets do this again soon. Maybe tomorrow...

1 comment:

  1. Julia! I just found your blog. It was so great running into you randomly. Your family is the cutest by the way!