Tuesday, March 29, 2011

My most beautiful day

I remember the day that we got out first set of wedding prints in the mail. We had two amazing photographers, Leslie Barnts and  Melanie Mauer who's work took my breath away the first time I saw our pictures and...even now, 2 years later.

Leslie Barnts
We have the pictures matted and framed around our house. If there was a fire I would grab our albums first because they mean so much to me. If I was to be totally honest with you, I would say that one of the main reasons I love them so much is because I love seeing how beautiful I looked that day. When I saw our pictures for the first time I told Jake that our wedding was the most beautiful I'd ever....and would probably ever...look.
Melanie Mauer

Now the picture on our walls and on top of our dressers remind me of how unbeautiful I feel some times. Especially recently. I feel like I look...worn out. I try to wear make-up every day and do my hair and get dressed in something that makes me feel cute and limit my sweat pant days to a minimum. Jake is wonderful and telling me I'm lovely. I know that confidence does not come from how we look, but I also know it does play a role.

Leslie Barnts
So I decided to put my wedding dress back on. It just sits in my closet which is sad because I dress so lovely needs to be worn. As I pulled it out of the box it really took my breath away. It is the perfect dress for me. I love the weight of the silk. I love the tiny buttons running down the back. I love the bustle and the shimmer of the beading. I love how I felt when I put it back on. I felt beautiful.

I still had a little bit of baby food in my hair. I'm not as tan as I was then. I didn't put eyeshadow or liner on today. But my dress made up for all that.

I'm so glad to still have it. I loved holding Rhett and having him play with the beads and giggle as I twirled. I love how it was the first thing I wore when Jake and I came out of the temple and started our life together. 

I'm pretty sure I'll feel not so beautiful again, but I'm grateful that I got to wear my wedding dress and for an hour or so feel just as pretty as the first time I wore it. :).     


  1. Once Greg and I decided to do a sing-a-long to the musical "Phantom of the Opera". That's the last time I wore my wedding dress. :)

  2. Dear Julia,

    You are beautiful and always will be. Our beauty does not end on our wedding day. You are so precious inside and out. I respect you as my daughter, an incredible wife and a fantastic mother. You are the whole package. Your beauty will last forever because you are you. I admire you so much and I love you even more. Mom

  3. Julia..your Mom is right! This post made me teary-eyed. Your pictures are all lovely...especially the one with your baby.