Thursday, August 18, 2011

Rhett's 1st Birthday

For Rhett's 1st birthday we chose the theme "Rhett's Favorite Things."

Because a birthday should be everything you love! 

So we had carmel apples.


Dirt cups
(The fingers in the background are because Rhett loves to point)

Fig Newtons
(We go through a pack a week. Easy.)

We used toilet paper as decorations.
Rhett loves to unroll it. He gets a roll of his own every other week or so. 

And we brought a special guest.  

A dog!!  

He was a happy happy happy boy. :)

He didn't hesitate at all with the cake. 

But probably his favorite thing was banging on the shed doors. 

Sometimes I wonder why I planned so much. :)

Monday, August 1, 2011

Month 12

Dear Rhett,

You are one year old. 365 days ago you were born.

I've thought a lot about what I wanted to say in this letter. 
What would mean the most to you when you are older.

So your dad and I have a list of 52 reasons/memories of why we have grown to love you so much this year.
One for each week you've been our little man.

1. You refused to sleep in your crib until you were 3 months old. You only would sleep in your swing.
2. You will only eat strawberries whole and won't touch them if I cut them up.
3. We loved how you would coo in the car seat when we were driving around. 
4. You dance now. Love.

5. You have always had a thing for toothbrushes. Especially mine.  
6. We would prop your bottle up with blankets when we couldn't hold it for you.
7. And because of that you love to rub a blanket on your cheek.
8. You love to carry a pair of shoes around, one in each hand.
9. When you get excited you wave your arms like a little bird.

10. You love to stand in front of the air conditioning when it's blowing.
11. To get our attention in the morning you bang your bottle on your crib.
12. You can say "Hi dad!", "What's that?", dog and ball. Sometimes we can make out other words too.
13. You are entranced with Sesame Street.
14. You can get the giggles and you can't stop.
15. You love to be chased and chase us.

16. You used to love to hold our hands and toddle. Now you do it all by yourself.
17. You defiantly have an opinion.
19. In the shower you love to take the scrub brush and scrub the floor.
20. You always try to eat the dirt I sweep up in the kitchen. Yucky.
21. Your favorite little friend is Jo Barlow. We hope (fingers crossed) you guys get married one day. :)
22. You know where everyone's nose is. And you like to grab it.

23. When you see a dog you go "Oooooo! Ooooo! Ooooo!" and lunge for it.
24. You love swings and especially slides.
25. Home Depot is one of your favorite places.
26. You are usually pretty grumpy when you wake up from your afternoon nap.
27. You say the words "No" and "Don't" the most.
28. You LOVE to swim.
29. You recently discovered you are a boy. Good job.
30. When you were a little guy you would kick your legs so fast when you got excited.
31. You love to be naked.

32. And you have learned to take your diaper off.
33. You like to feed us your food and sometimes you pretend to hand us a piece and then you put it your own mouth and giggle.
34. You love to bring us your shoes to put on.
35. You love to doorknobs and light switches.
36. You know when you've done something your not supposed to because you look and then run.
37.  You are scared of squeaky toys.

38. Although you loved veggies in baby food form you won't touch them now.
39. You love the picture of the temple we have right outside your room.
40. You are always pointing at everything. Even when it's not politically correct.
41. You have managed to ruin 2 of my phones.
42. You will only poop a little in your diaper, wait to be changed, and then poop more.
43. You always try to eat out of the garbage.
45. You have a secret stash of cotton balls somewhere because you randomly have handfuls of them.
46. When you get so angry you arch your back with amazing flexibility.
47. All of your toys become cars.

48. You love empty milk cartoons.
49. No matter where I put my bras you seem to find them.
50. In public you'll wander off and never look back.
51. You have developed an ear splitting shriek for when you are super happy. 
52. You love us and we love love love love love you.

We are so so so so lucky to have you. 
We adore you, love you, are amazed by you and can't wait to see who you become.

Happy birthday Mr. Man!!!!