Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Week 27

- Prego Stats -

Days to Go: 90
Total Weight Gain: 13 pounds
Cravings: Hotdogs and peach frozen yogurt
Average Daily Runs to the Bathroom: 10-15
Times when baby is most active: Always
Where baby spends most time during the day: On my right side
Baby's weight: Just over 2 pounds
Julia's favorite thing about pregnancy: Watching my belly move has he flips and kicks.
Jake's favorite thing about pregnancy: How much his wife can now eat. And feeling the baby moving like crazy.
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Monday, April 26, 2010

Great News

Jake called me the other day and told me he had "great news". I told him that I also had "great news", but that he could go first.

This was Jake's news: BYU has over 13,000 student employees and each year 90(ish) students get nominated for Student Employee of the Year. When Jake got to work that day, there was a congratulations banner hung over his desk because he had been NOMINATED for Student Employee of the Year!! (he works for Staff Employment as a project manager and makes online trainings) And although he didn't win, it was still a HUGE honor to be nominated as one out of 13,000.

This was my news: At work, one of the other teacher's mom came over from Germany and brought me two, not one, but TWO bags of my favorite gummy candies called Fred Ferkels. Two whole bags! I haven't had these in almost 3 years...I can't find them here in the states.

Jake gets nominated for Student Employee of the year and I get my favorite candy.

Self great day. :)

Friday, April 23, 2010

The Boob Fairy

I recently ran into an acquaintance who I hadn't seen since I became pregnant. When we saw each other, the first thing my friend said to me was "Whoa the boob fairy came!".

(I''ll let you take a stab at what the term "boob fairy"means...don't think too hard.)

Hahaha...I guess my belly isn't quite the attention getter I thought it was. :)

**I apologize if this is too personal...it was just a funny side note.


After not seeing Jake for 2 weeks, because of a 16 page regression analysis paper he wrote, we headed to Arizona for some time with his dad and each other.

We walked the dogs.

Or should I say they walked us.

We threw the ball into the pool-at least 100 times.

I went on my first long motorcycle ride with Jake's dad.

Funny story. At a red light, a couple in a BMW would not stop staring at us. Blatantly, openly staring. I couldn't figure out why and then it hit me. I am a twenty five year old, obvioulsy pregnant, married girl, on the back of a motorcycle being driven my a man who is obviously much older than me. For the first time ever, I think someone thought I was a gold digger. :)

Jake took a photography class this semester and now takes our camera everywhere.

This one's my favorite. :)

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Don't be a Whiner!

Every night Julia needs an ear rub...well it started out as an ear rub. Now it's an ear rub, head and back scratch and foot rub. Needless to say I give her a hard time about it all. This is our dialogue from a few nights ago.

Julia: Why do I have to whine so much?
Jake: I was wondering the same thing.

This argument will never end.

Memory Makers

Our home, with it's living room tent camp out, sleep on the ground because our air conditioner only cooled one room, and put Julia through the window when we locked ourselves out memories, is no longer ours. Taking one last look before locking the door a flash flood of memories flowed through my mind. This was our first apartment, the place where Julia and I ate ice-cream every night before deciding we needed a diet. Where we stained a dresser, planned monthly vacations, had water fights, were invaded by wasps, and fell in love with LOST. With this influx of emotions, second thoughts started to creep in but then I realized every memory I was thinking about happened with Julia. It was never the house that made any of those things great, it was sharing it with my wife. I love our new house, possibly because it has new carpet, paint and bathroom flooring, but mainly because I share it with the girl I make memories with. The new house will be the place where I graduate and where we bring home our new baby but in the end, it's just a house. Julia is my partner in every adventure no matter where we go or where we live.

Monday, April 5, 2010

The Name Game

We still have 3 months till our little boy makes his debut, but choosing a name is more complicated than we thought. We go back and forth, agree and disagree, add names and scratch them off the list. I'm just grateful that our last name isn't super different. I imagine choosing a name is a bit harder when you're trying to match it to Gryzbowski.

Here is the most current list.

Jackson (We'd call him Jack)



I found this idea on a friends blog. You Google the phrase ".... Needs" with your name inserted. Then you look at the first 6 links and that's what you need. I did it for Jake and I and here is what we "need".

1. Jake needs money for a hooker. No.
2. Jake needs a woman. We don't get to see each other very often this semester.
3. Jake needs love and direction. True. Jake likes cuddling and talking.
4. Jake needs undies. Also true. It's laundry day.
5. Jake needs Danika. He likes Danables yogurt...that rhymes with Danika.
6. Jake needs a home. Also true. The home we are moving into needs some serious work done.

1. Julia needs Satan's Nectar. If Satan's Nectar is Diet Coke then maybe yes.
2. Julia needs a bath tub toy. I don't know what a want more, a rubber ducky or a squirt gun.
3. Julia needs a shave. That's for tomorrow. Tuesday, Thursdays, and Saturdays are shaving days.
4. Julia needs a time machine. So true some days.
5. Julia needs to learn her manners. I do burp too loudly.
6. Julia needs a bath. True. I haven't showered yet.

April Fools

I had this conversation with a co-worker on April Fools at lunch.

Bre: Julia...can I ask you a weird question.
Me: Yeah sure.
Bre: Well I have a pregnancy test in my purse (I raise my eyebrow) and I was wondering if you would mind taking it for me for an April Fools joke on my husband. But if that's totally weird for you don't worry about it!
Me: (Laughing) No no! It's fine! I never thought I'd be asked that, but really no problem.
Bre: You sure? Ok thank you! I'll give it to you after school.
Me: Ok awesome.

So at the end of the day I did the whole pee on a stick and surprise surprise it was positive. :)

I admit I was a little nervous it wasn't going to be negative.

The "bump"

Future parents

Maybe the best part of the whole day was how many other girls, when the heard about the joke, all wished that they had thought of it.

If I'm ever pregnant on April Fools again, maybe I'll charge $5 a test. :)

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Our Love Triangle

Revolves around...

a book

and us.

On our trip to Florida Jake picked out the first book in the series to read on the plane.
(Emphasis on the PLANE)

He ended up reading everyday of our vacation.

When we got home, he bought the next two in the series.

He finished them both in 3 weeks.

(Side note: My husband has read at the most 2 books since we have been married prior to this.)

Of course we had to rush and get the fourth when he was done with the first 3.

(I don't think he's gone to bed before 1:30 AM since he started reading them.)

The poor guy did have to wait 2 weeks for the final book to come out.

Now, 2375 pages later he is done with the series.

Maybe now cuddling time will go back to normal.