Sunday, September 11, 2011

Do you know what this means?!

It means no more backpacks by the front door!!!!!

And a lot of other good stuff. :)

P.S. The first guy I ever kissed was sitting in front of me at Jake's graduation. 
Kind of awkward but some how it felt like everything had come full circle. :)

Month 13

Dear Rhett,

You have turned into a handful. You are SO independent. SO head strong. SO stubborn sometimes. But it gives you so much personality. You are a busy little man. When you wake up you insist on me pulling your stuffed animals off your shelves and giving each one a snuggle and a kiss. We'll play in your room, read a little of every book and then we go knock on our bedroom door to go see dad. He's your favorite in the morning.

Since it's so ridiculously hot here we go play outside almost right when you wake up. You can go down the slide by yourself now and you love swings. Swimming is your absolute favorite. You love to jump in and play on the stairs. You dunk yourself like to drink the pool water.

We watch Blues Clues while we eat breakfast. We take showers and you take a nap. When you wake up we have to kiss all the stuffed animals again and we eat lunch. We discovered that you'll eat anything if it's on a fork. We went to P.F Changs last night and you inhaled fried rice. Inhaled it.

You don't walk anymore, you run. You say hi to everyone when we're out. You insist on pushing the cart and the grocery store and picking out your snacks. Although sometimes the decision between Nilla Waffers and Teddy Grahams is too hard for you. You LOVE shoes. You carry one around most of the day. You take them from our closest, from other kids and the park and from shoe stores at the mall.

You're favorite word is "No"...which drives us crazy. You run away naked and hate being dressed. You've learn to take your diaper off and you seem to have a stash of cotton balls somewhere because you randomly have handfulls of them.

You give us lots of kisses, you dance to every song, you share your food and sippy cup with everyone-even strangers.     

We love you little man so much. 

( And we apologize for apologize for all the timeouts lately. :))