Thursday, July 30, 2009

New Bloggers on the Block

When we got married several people told me that we now needed a blog. I thought the old ditty when something like "first comes love, then comes marriage, then come baby in the baby carriage". Apparently in the this new technology fueled world a blog comes before a baby. And since children are a little ways down the road, being responsible for a blog is a good precursor for being responsible for kids. ;)

As I was doing research on blogging (and even taking a quiz on whether or not I would be a good blogger) I was thinking about what our first post should be about. I want to introduce us, but not in the traditional "Our names are, our majors are, we are from here" kind of way. So what I came up with is a list of some of Jake and mine favorite memories from our time together. Actually, we made this list together a few nights ago.

A few of our favorite memories/about us:

Jake sewed me an anteater to ask me out on our first date.

One Saturday morning last summer, when Jake was in Arizona, we bought plane tickets spur of the moment and I was in Arizona 3 hours later.

One time i smeared frosting on Jake's face and then he "punished" me by putting me in the sink and turned the water on. He still threatens me with it.

Jake proposed in Oregon, the coast, on a cliff. I was wearing a Mickey Mouse sweatshirt that was about 3 times to big.

We LOVE dancing in the car when we drive.

We are LOST addicts. We dream about the characters, we analyze them. We don't know what we'll watch when it's all over.

Midnight ice cream runs make us happy.

Jake has breathing/snoring problems when he sleeps. I now wear ear plugs, but after seven months I still can't put them in right. Jake has to do it every night.

I like to go to bed early. Jake likes to go to bed late. I try to fake staying up by carrying a conversation, but usually I fall asleep and keep talking. It provides some interesting dialog.

We got to go to see Wicked (twice!) and Cirque du Soleil in Vegas.

We finally have bikes and we love cruising around Provo.

So that's us! We'll keep you updated with all our goings and comings. Here's to this blog indicating that we are now truly a married couple.