Tuesday, March 29, 2011

My most beautiful day

I remember the day that we got out first set of wedding prints in the mail. We had two amazing photographers, Leslie Barnts and  Melanie Mauer who's work took my breath away the first time I saw our pictures and...even now, 2 years later.

Leslie Barnts
We have the pictures matted and framed around our house. If there was a fire I would grab our albums first because they mean so much to me. If I was to be totally honest with you, I would say that one of the main reasons I love them so much is because I love seeing how beautiful I looked that day. When I saw our pictures for the first time I told Jake that our wedding was the most beautiful I'd ever....and would probably ever...look.
Melanie Mauer

Now the picture on our walls and on top of our dressers remind me of how unbeautiful I feel some times. Especially recently. I feel like I look...worn out. I try to wear make-up every day and do my hair and get dressed in something that makes me feel cute and limit my sweat pant days to a minimum. Jake is wonderful and telling me I'm lovely. I know that confidence does not come from how we look, but I also know it does play a role.

Leslie Barnts
So I decided to put my wedding dress back on. It just sits in my closet which is sad because I dress so lovely needs to be worn. As I pulled it out of the box it really took my breath away. It is the perfect dress for me. I love the weight of the silk. I love the tiny buttons running down the back. I love the bustle and the shimmer of the beading. I love how I felt when I put it back on. I felt beautiful.

I still had a little bit of baby food in my hair. I'm not as tan as I was then. I didn't put eyeshadow or liner on today. But my dress made up for all that.

I'm so glad to still have it. I loved holding Rhett and having him play with the beads and giggle as I twirled. I love how it was the first thing I wore when Jake and I came out of the temple and started our life together. 

I'm pretty sure I'll feel not so beautiful again, but I'm grateful that I got to wear my wedding dress and for an hour or so feel just as pretty as the first time I wore it. :).     

A Life in Verse

In a faraway place, where horses run wild
Lived a beautiful girl, with the heart of a child
She grew up right, always saying her prayers
So to go on a mission
And save Germans from snares
But then she came home
And off to college she went
Where she dated each day
And her time was well spent
In biking, in baking, in climbing on ropes
And  through it all, she had highest hopes
Of a wonderful man, so handsome and strong
That would come to her rescue
She couldn’t be wrong
For she was in Provo
A BYU student
To not get married? Well that wouldn’t be prudent.
Well that “one day” did come
And with it her prince
He asked her to marry, and she was convinced
So off they struck, on their newest adventure
To love and to cherish
Whatever the venture
They laughed and they played
Oh their life was a breeze
Then they started a family
A new life if you please
Along came a son so handsome and cute
But they must admit, there were trials to boot
Diapers, and crying plus the sleep they were craving
If they were observed, you’d think they were raving
But they passed through the trials
And with that new life
Came laughter, and giggles, and a beautiful wife
Oh before she was gorgeous and wonderful too
But now as a mother, these words just won’t do
This daughter of God, now a parent become
Was never more fit for an eternal kingdom
Her family loved her and her Father did too
Because as a mother, there are very few
Who love, and devote all their life so completely
For this and much else I love her so deeply
So now who knows what the future may hold
But with her by my side, it’s a sight to behold.

Saturday, March 26, 2011


Most mornings we bring Rhett into bed with us when he wakes up. We've done it since he was itty-bitty. Originally it was so that we could doze while he drank his morning bottle, but now that he's crawling dozing isn't really an option. He loves to crawl on top of Jake's face and hit him till Jake responds with tickles and growls. He plays with my hair and sees how close he can get to the edge of the bed before we grab his feet and pull him back. And it's our favorite time of the day.

And Saturdays are especially wonderful because we get as much morning snuggle time as we want. I know one day we won't do this. That Saturday morning cartoons will steal my kids (and my husband) and I know I'll miss these lazy hours.

I guess that's why I'm typing this...because I know I can't take a photograph that will really capture the giggles from Rhett and Jake's deep breathing (snoring) as he tries to sleep a little longer. It couldn't capture the comforting sound of the heater coming on. A photograph can't find the security of me tucking my feet in the blanket around Jake's feet because mine are freezing. Or the sounds of our neighbors dog barking when he's let out for the first time that day. Or how fuzzy Rhett's hair is in the morning. And even though Rhett isn't quite 8 months I am still afraid of forgetting how much I love our life, my husband, my son and these simple moments of contentment.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Quote of the day

If there was a heaven for bobby pins, I would be their savior. 

(It's true....my bobby pins usually end up with the dryer lint.)

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Sad Day

 Lately I've been trying to edit my music preferences to be a little more kid friendly...
(because I'd like to put off as long as possible explaining to Rhett what Ke$ha means when she says she wants to take a ride on your disco stick...)

Anyway, Rhett and I were dancing in our kitchen

and I went and played some old songs that I hadn't listened to in awhile.

And I was trying to dance and I just couldn't get into my old groove. 

I mean I was never a backup dancer for Usher, but I could dance.

It was totally gone...I could only find my rhythm when we were dancing to anything pre-Britney S.

I feel like an old frumpy mom.
What's next....high elastic waistband pants and sweater vests?? 

Sad sad day.

Monday, March 21, 2011

A post from a 7 month old

Dear blog buddies of my momma,


K v vtvn nfd v x dxcuee 5 vccrx f4 x4rc rekm/,n j REWDGFFFFFHHHHHHHHH0

Love, Rhett

So maybe I am turning into one of those moms...

But I can't help it!! I get this email this morning:



Thank you for sharing your photo with Parents Photo Faves while visiting TheCuteKid.com. Your photo is currently in the running to become a weekly winner. The photo with the most votes in each category will take home the honors!

EEEEEE!!! Silly I know...but still...can you blame me for being just the tiniest bit happy about it? :) 

(If you would feel so inclined as to vote for our little man follow this link!!)

Friday, March 18, 2011

My Hero

"In the Lord's plan it takes two - a man and a woman - to form a whole." Elder Richard G. Scott

Well as of late I've felt like Julia has been about 80-90% of our whole. This semester has been very busy and because of that Julia is with Rhett all day with minimal help from me. Sometimes I don't even get home until Rhett is asleep. Yet through it all she has been a champion. She always tries to put me first even when she really needs a break. Sometimes I often have to stop and remind her that she needs some time to herself and that she deserves a break. I'm so grateful for everything she does in our family. For how well she does with Rhett, for how much she loves me, and for how selfless she is. I'm very lucky to have her and felt like I needed to post this so everybody could know how amazing she is and to remind other husbands to always remember how much their wives do for them. We're very lucky.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Winner winner chicken dinner!

Thank you to everyone who voted for a picture of Rhett! The winner of the gift card was Laura Brown! Congrats Laura!! If you could send me your address either through Facebook or to my email (julesholbein@gmail.com) then I'll get that gift card for you in the mail. Also, please tell me if you would prefer the Jamba Juice GC or the Coldstone GC.

(True Random Number Generator 23 7 Powered by RANDOM.ORG)

Picture D was the clear winner.

It's one of my favorites too...it makes my momma heart happy. :)

Thanks again for taking the time to vote!!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Old friends...it's been to long.

Dear long warm shower,
It has been too long since we spent quality time together. It was SO wonderful to get reacquainted this evening. You always make me feel so good about myself.

Dear deep hydrating hair mask,
You are secretly my favorite. You make my hair soft as silk and smell like oranges. My ends were in desperate need of your generous service. Thanks for your help tonight. :)

Dear body scrubbing salt,
All I will say is that Jake will be extra grateful for you tonight when he gives me my leg massage tonight. Let's meet up again SOON.

Dear new razor blade,
You are AWESOME!! I didn't realize how dull your former friend had become. She was horribly dull. (No pun intend.)

Old friends...lets do this again soon. Maybe tomorrow...

Strolling with the Stroller

Sundays like today were made for family walks. Warmth, a breeze, budding flowers, other families and couples out together, laughing, dogs fetching balls.I'm so grateful for a Heavenly Father who created so much goodness for us.
I love this look...taking it all in.
He saw Jake.
Such a little boy.
I'm going through an ugly phase. I refuse to be photographed until I get my hair done.
He saw me. :)
Jake, Rhett and Tornado the trusty horse.
Entranced with the traffic.
The only picture we managed to get of the two of us.
I am very excited for next Sundays stroll. :)

Saturday, March 12, 2011

A Picture's Worth 1000 Words

So I've been debating something for awhile. Debating whether or not I want to become one of those moms... a mom who goes a little crazy about her kiddo because she thinks her baby is God's gift to the infant world. This is what I've been debating. For years now I have loved the morning talk show Regis and Kelly. (I was destined to be a  stay-at-home-mom) Every summer they do a cute baby contest, and I've been toying with the idea of entering Rhett's picture. I know what your thinking...I'm becoming one of those moms. But don't judge please. It's more than a cute baby contest. It's a scholarship program. :)

So this is where I need your help. Below are 5 pictures of Rhett. Vote for your favorite one. (Please only vote once.) Then leave a comment below telling me that you voted. On Wednesday I will use a Random Number Generator to pick a winner of a $10 gift card to ColdStone Creamery or Jamba Juice...your choice...from those who told me they voted. If you want to have 2 chances to win, start following my blog and  tell me in a separate comment that you are now following.


 Thanks for your help!
And I promise I won't let my child turn into something like this.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Home Improvement Mama

I had some people ask what I am spray painting in the pictures from this post. I am desperate for a matching bedroom set...I'm a little OCD...so I found this project idea on this blog.
It's a DYI Draper Chest
$29 at IKEA!!!!
Finished product
 So I'm planning on Craigslisting my current dresser (for cheap !!! let me know if you want to look at it) and replacing it with 2 of these. Then I'm going to sand and paint Jake's dresser and our nightstand to match mine. And I've priced it out and I can do all of our furniture for less than $150. That's including the cost of buying the 2 from IKEA. (Happy dance! :) ) I've been finding all these ideas I want to do for our room and I'm going to toot my own horn here, but I can do almost all of them on my own for a fraction of the cost of buying the stuff new. !!!

P.S. Does anyone know of a place that does custom stencil patterns for relatively cheap? That's one thing I'm not super comfortable having be a DYI.

P.P.S I'll keep posting what project I'm working on as I go. :)

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

a picture or two an hour







I love my life.