Thursday, January 14, 2010

What's in a Name?

I was sitting on campus a few weeks ago waiting for Jake. A mom was sitting next to me watching her little boy run around in front of her. He was a cute little guy so I asked what his name was. This was the preceding conversation.

Mom: "Oh thanks! Yeah his name is Gryffin"

Me: (thinking) "Interesting...a little different, but it's cute."

Mom continues: "It's actually short for Gryffindor...I'm a HUGE Harry Potter fan."

Me, unsure how to respond: "I love Harry Potter too..."

Mom: "Yeah, if my husband will let me, I want to name our little girl Ravenclaw, but call her Raven for short."

Me: Yeah...(trying to sound enthusiastic), oh there is my husband! Bye.
She wins the "I Love Harry Potter the Most" award. Hands down.


  1. I have a nephew named Griffin and I really like it, but this lady sounds crazy. :)