Thursday, January 14, 2010

Dream Tales

I've heard that pregnancy can do some whacked out things to your dreams. In any case, I'm blaming my recent dreams on it. Here is a sampling of some of the crazies going through my head while we sleep.

One night I dreamed that I gave birth to 4 cinnamon gummy bears that were all connected. I kept losing them every where I went. The day after I gave birth I went to sleep over at my sister's house. I lost the gummy babies and when I found them they were covered with lint and other fuzzies. The doctor didn't believe I had really given birth to them and said I was unfit to be a mother. It was very distressing.

Another night I dreamed that I bought $1000 dollars worth of black lamas and $1000 dollars worth of Guinea pigs to save them from the slaughter house. They were all living in or around our apartment. Jake said that I was blowing our retirement fund. It was also distressing.

I also dreamed that I kissed Taylor Swift's dad...and I don't even know his name!! And this is not what he looked like in my dream. But I knew it was him. Perhaps I need to stop listening to her Fearless CD Jake got me for Christmas every day. On repeat.

This is all very distressing.


  1. HAHA Love it! I don't know if I had crazy dreams while I was pregnant but I read that women usually do.

  2. Too funny! I had some pretty crazy dreams when I was pregnant, too.

  3. Lol, Pregnancy Dreams are fun!!! Except for me I had dreams that I could never get a hold of David, texting wouldn't work and calling wouldn't either! It drove me nuts!!!