Saturday, January 2, 2010

Week Ten

Week ten of pregnancy. Still no belly. Sometimes I think there is a bump...but then it disappears. At my last doctor's appointment they told me to eat more. That I'm not gaining any weight. More? I already feel like I'm eating more than Jake.

So how much is more?


  1. I really wish my doctor would tell me eat more and that my belly would just disappear... Hmm. I guess it will in a few weeks but then I will have a newborn and a belly.
    Eat guacamole and butter.

  2. ahh you're so cute!!! Don't worry about getting a belly I'm sure that will come when the baby starts growing more :) haha

  3. I didn't get a pregnancy belly till I was at least 15 weeks maybe more. Be patient it will come and then by the end of your pregnancy you will want to have your body back I just got done with the pregnancy thing, and have a beautiful little girl to show from it. Good luck with the pregnancy!!!