Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Lovin' to the Husbin'

I have been meaning to laud my husbands recent accomplishments for awhile now. He's a champion and deserves a post in his honor.

So to start...

This semester he got a great internship! It's with a social entrepreneurship company called Ashoka. So not only is he working 20 hours a week and carrying a full school load and caring for an occasionally moody pregnant wife, but he added this as well.

His grades came in and he did great. Dating and marrying me has put a strain on his school work (we like to have fun) but he worked his butt of this semester and I'm so proud of him.

He cleans the snow off the car every time it snows. I get to wait in the car and turn my seat heater on. He's a hero.

He has been very accommodating with my ever changing food preferences. The other night he made me toast upon my request. When he brought me the toast...I didn't want it any more.

Going along with the pregnancy theme, he encourages me to go to bed early and even though he is more of a night owl, he comes to bed with me. (I hate sleeping alone)

He is taking a photography class this semester. The reason I include this is that Jake is SO good about trying to improve and develop new talents. He's always trying to be a little bit better.

Finally, Jake is all around a cheerful, optimistic guy. He is happy 99% of the time and rarely complains. :)

I love him.

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