Monday, January 11, 2010

Dear Baby

We heard your heart beat today! Your pulsing 150 beats per minute. You were so fast, darting around mom's tummy and avoided the nurse's heart monitor. It made your mom and dad a little nervous. We really wanted a confirmation that we were pregnant...besides mom throwing up, being exhausted and monitoring her belly growth each week. But then we heard your little heart beat, so strong and wonderful.

We are so excited for you to come. The morning I took the pregnancy test we couldn't tell at first if we were pregnant with you or not. But when it was confirmed your dad's eyes lit up. He was SO happy. He loves to kiss my belly, but is afraid to give me a zerber because he thinks it might make you go deaf. :) Not that I mind. :)

We pray for you every day and we are trying to learn to be good parents. Be healthy and happy in my tummy. We'll see you in a 6 months.

Love, your first time parents