Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Saturday evening Jake and I were at the grocery store picking out the necessary ingredients for the pulled pork and sweet and spicy coleslaw we made on Sunday. (Side note: it was amazing...I ate 3 sandwiches)

As we were coming out of the store, a man stopped us and asked if we would like to buy some chocolate. We said that we were OK and continued on to our car, but I couldn't shake the feeling of desperation the man's voice had betrayed. He wasn't well dressed. He had a slight stutter and his face looked worn and tired.

When we got to our car, we decided we should buy some of his chocolate. As Jake was loading the car I ran back to him with my wallet.

I only bought 2 bars, but as I was talking to Doug I realized how much more the man needed a little hope. He had lost his job and was overwhelmed with financial strain.

I think we often see people who need a little bit of help. We can go past and rationalize that they would probably just spend money on alcohol or smoking or other things we might not approve of. But maybe in helping them out, and asking their name, we could restore a little bit hope for them in us as people and in themselves that somehow everything will be OK.

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