Thursday, June 2, 2011

May Madness

In the month of May we were home a total of 9 days. That's a total of only 216 hours. The rest of the time we were in Arizona, North Carolina, and Oregon. As much as we LOVE traveling we are more than ready to not be living out of a suitcase. When we got home last night Rhett was so happy to be home. He went straight for his toys and then proceed to crawl to all of his favorite spots. My shoe rack in our closet, the shelves in the bathroom, the vacuum in the laundry room, making sure every thing was in order. So cute.

Here are some of the stats of our travels. 

Hours spent in airports: 26+
Number of miles traveled: 7332 
Times dinner was at Wendy's: About 9
Diapers changed in an airport: At least 2 dozen.

Here's a map of our travels.

Rhett is an amazing traveler. He loves to look out the window of the plane and eat his snacks off his tray and play with the people behind us. We somehow managed to lose track of him on our flight to Oregon. We were letting him play on the ground between our seats and he power crawled under then to 2 rows behind us. Gotta love it when some stranger says "Ma'm this is your kid?" and your kid then blows a raspberry at you.

We were grateful not to have him when we went to North Carolina. Probably it was the worst experience we've had flying ever and we travel a lot. Our flight was delayed out of Salt Lake which meant we would have missed our connection in Colorado. They tried to get us on a flight to Chicago, but after running frantically threw the airport, the Southwest lady realized she had told them to hold the wrong flight. Ridiculous amount of running wasted. So we got a flight 5 hours later to Baltimore where we landed at 2AM had to pick up our bags from baggage claim, got ready for bed in the bathroom, couldn't get through security or check our bags because their's no one their at 2AM to help. So we spent the rest on the night on a wooden bench by the ticket counter with the security terriorst advisory announcement going off every 5 minutes. So we gave up sleeping and played with the wheel chairs. We found out that Jake gets REALLY friendly at 3:30AM. He started enthusiastic conversation with EVERYONE. Then around 6:30AM he get's really paranoid and skeptical. We were in Barnes and Noble (still at the airport) and he started going off on how every book in there was a conspiracy theory. Poor Jake. We were so tired when we finally made to NC.

But now we're HOME. For at least a month. For the weekend of the 4th of July we'll be in Florida. We're really excited to introduce Rhett to the ocean. :)

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  1. Crazy! but so fun. Who is in florida or is it just for fun?