Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Oh you crazy in-laws

I absoultey LOVE my in-laws. 
I would go see them every month if I could (even without Jake). 

Last time we saw them we did have a slight incident of sorts.

My in-laws (and husband) know that I really don't like the word moist.

Something about it just makes the skin between my fingers feel gross. 


So anyway, one evening they kept saying it over and over again to bug me.

So I might have poured less than half of a water bottle on my in-laws to make them...moist.

(It really wasn't that much water)

And how did they retaliate?

They put me in the shower. 

Yes, they really did.

But we still love each other. :)

 I'm planning my retaliation at Thanksgiving. :)

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