Thursday, June 2, 2011

Month 10

Dear Rhett Rhett,
10 months ago I thought we would never live to see this day. Our first night home we spent the laying on the floor with you on our chests because if we put you down you cried. And now you are crying yourself to sleep because you are so past tired. Oh how things change.

You are such a little boy. You love all things ball, eat like a horse, love to be chased, wrestled, and you don't hold still for much longer than 30 seconds.

This month you have learned to stand on your own, point, give kisses, say "mama" and "dada" usually correctly although Jake is often "mama" too. You wave hi and bye.You run when we hold your hands and zoom around pushing your walker. You love to share your bottle and food with us. You think it's beyond funny when we pretend to eat the food you're offering. You dive (literally) to anyone who is close enough to catch you. Stranger anxiety hasn't hit yet so everyone is your best bud. You love piggy back rides from your dad. His ears make excellent holds for you. :)

I'm so excited to start planning your birthday party!! 

Love, Mama and mama (dada)


  1. Dear Rhett, Oh, how much we love and miss you. All these pictures make us want to kiss you and hug you. We miss you Mr. Handsome Pants. We are glad you are such a good traveler and can say Mama and Dada now. What a big boy you are becoming. We love you Mom and Dad very much, too and are so grateful they are raising you so well. Happy 10 months Rhett!!