Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Maybe I have style

I know this is going to be a pretty shallow post, but let's face some times life is a little shallow.

We are BIG Modern Family fans. 
So when I saw Claire wearing this sweater in season 1, I was really excited.

Because I own this sweater too! Thank you Gap.

And as lame as it is, it made me feel a little bit cool. :)

And then when I watched a preview for the Bachelorette last night I saw Ashley crawl into bed...a bed with the same comforter that we have! 

I know it's silly but it's not like I'll ever see a picture of Angelina Jolie and say "Oh I have that very same Vera Wang evening gown." so I'll chose to be excited about my Gap sweater. 


  1. Hey, it's okay, I saw Quinn on Glee wearing a dress I have and thought it was so cool and then one other time, Stacy & Clinton had a girl buy a pair of shoes that I own. STACY & CLINTON. holy cow!

  2. I've totally seen you wear that sweater. :)