Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Le Bucket List

Before we leave Provo for Gilbert (which we have been told is like little Provo) we have a few things we want  to do for the first time and in some cases do again. 

We've divided our bucket list into 2 categories, food and activities. 

Café Rio
Burger Supreme
India Palace
Walk to 7-11 and get a slurpee (classy right?)

Jump on It
Hike Timp
Hike over the Y
Riverwoods surf place
Farmer’s Market*
Temple Square
7 Peaks
Make out in the library
Bike Provo River trail
Provo Temple
Park City
Go to the Quarry
Starmill Antiques

(The best part of this one is that we will be part of it this year with a shop for my furniture!)*

If you have any suggestions about places we should try let us know!


  1. 'Make out in the library' is my favorite one. Ha! Are you going to take Rhett with you for that one? ;)

  2. This is a great list! I had a similar one before I left. On mine I had go to Kneaders to have their french toast. Apparently its really good but I didn't get that one done. So I don't know if it really is note worthy to add to your list.

    I know Deseret Book has some kind of deal with Lagoon tickets, you should check it out in case its worth it.

    And on July 11, 7/11 will give out free slurpees. Their smaller than the small size but hey its free!

    Sorry if you already knew these things. Just trying to help.

  3. We had a thought to do a couple of those things. I have yet to be to the zoo, but I hear it's not that impressive. I also thought about kneaders. I have yet to do the all you can eat french toast, but I hear you get strawberry and whip cream on it. Now how can you go wrong with that?

  4. Yes I love kneaders. Been there. A lot. We also love spark...go after 10 pm at it's cheaper stuff. Our friend owns the place so we try to support it. Love the list!

  5. Can we go to communal with you? Please? We went there on Saturday night and again, it did not disappoint! love love