Monday, June 6, 2011

Faces I'm going to miss

The Barlows

The Kings

The Cranes

The Havicans
The Johnsons
The Pretes
The Von Niedas
It hit me on Sunday that we are really moving. 
Away from all of our amazing friends who we have been so grateful to know.

Why can't we all just buy a whole neighborhood and be have our kids grow up together?



  1. awwww! I know exactly what you mean. I wish we all didn't have to move to different parts of the country, but could all congregate to one place that would make us all happy. Just know wherever we are, you guys are always welcome.

  2. About once every two weeks either Bret or I will say, "I wonder how everyone in Provo is doing. We had such great friends there, too bad we didn't do a better job of keeping in touch." And its true... instead of actually trying to keep in touch with you or the Von Neidas or the Palmers I stalk your blogs and pretend like I know what is going on in everyone's lives. We felt so blessed to know such great people that we will continue to miss from Provo. The good news is, you will find fantastic new friends in Gilbert. Unlike Provo, all our friends here are older than us, and most have 3+ kids, but we feel like its home and we love our new friends here too. And although Gilbert is still pretty far from San Angelo, we're in neighboring states! So if you ever want to visit (or want somewhere to stop on your way to a fun city like San Antonio) we'd LOVE LOVE LOVE to see y'all!