Saturday, June 18, 2011

For Dee-daw

There is a children's book titled Air Mail to the Moon that was a favorite in our home. Ora Mae Cotton is the little girl whom the story revolves around and she calls her father, dee-daw. I don't know why I thought of that as I sat down to type this, but it seemed fitting since this post is for my dee-daw.

Dear Dad,

I am now almost 26 1/2 years old. I have a baby, a husband, I big move coming up, a living room full of furniture  ready for the farmer's market, and sometimes I feel really nervous about what the upcoming future holds. But do you know what's funny? Whenever we need to make a decision or stubble upon a new situation, I automatically think to what you would do if you were here. Truly. I know that I can always trust your advice to be sound. I know that you will always live with integrity. And I always know that you will put other's wants before your needs.

I know that you love my mom. I know that you almost sacrificed your sanity to earn your Ph.D so that you could provide a full life for us. I wish I still had that copy you gave each of us when you finished your dissertation because I know it would mean more to me now. I know that you have a real relationship with Heavenly Father and that you turn to Him to help you be a father. This has been an example to me and Jake as we became parents.

I know that you have given up things you enjoy like playing golf, to have more time and resources for us. I know you always ask for peace and hugs for Christmas and if that's all you got you really would be happy. I know that you spent 2 hours preparing a meal for Ginger because you want to make sure that she is getting the best treatment...even though she's a cat. I know that you love Rhett and hearing how he is growing and learning.

I hope that you know I love you so much. I hope you know how much I respect you. I hope you know I chose to marry Jake in part because I saw qualities in him that I knew you had so I felt safe that he would be a great husband and father.

Happy Father's Day dee-daw! See you soon.


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