Thursday, February 24, 2011

Unofficial Stalker

I absolutely adore wedding photos. I'm mesmerized with the joy they capture. I remember seeing our wedding pictures for the first time. There were moments captured that I didn't remember. Those are some of my favorites. Honestly if the house was on fire the first thing I would grab (after Rhett) would be our wedding albums. Sometimes I wish I could back and recreate our wedding day because I have so many ideas of ways I'd like to have them shot.

Maybe this is why I love looking at other peoples wedding photos. I love seeing how happy they are. How much unadulterated joy and love they have in their eyes. I love looking at the bride's dress, the groom seeing her for the first time. I love seeing how his hand rests on her waist. I love seeing him twirling her during their first dance and the sparklers showing them the way to their getaway car.

And FB has opened a whole new world of wedding pictures to me. I don't even have to know the bride and groom,I just have to know someone tagged in their pictures. At first I thought it wasn't a problem. Looking at peoples special day when I didn't even know. But now I'm seeing these people who I've "stalked" on FB around town, at church, at the grocery store, pumping gas etc. I the problem is I'm having a hard time telling if I know them or not.

Bahah!! It's becoming an awkward  problem. I just stare at them wondering if I need to say hi because we know each other or if they don't know me from Adam.

I think this makes me an unofficial stalker.
But what bride doesn't want everyone to woo and ahhh and her pictures? 


  1. You were in the ward when Emily (the above pictured bride) was weren't you?! I am sure she would be flattered. Don't fret...I am EXACTLY like this!!!

    Your and Jake's wedding pictures, some of my very favorites!!

  2. Kendra I was in the ward with Emily, but since I don't know half the people I "stalk" I couldn't find a picture of someone random that I liked as much as I love this one. :)

  3. hahaha You are hysterical!! I do the same thing!!!