Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The Most Important Birthday of the Year

Today is my mom's birthday. Every year on my birthday I feel like I should give my mom a present. I haven't yet...but one day I will. If it weren't for her my birthday wouldn't mean very much. She and my dad decided to try and get pregnant when my dad didn't have a job because they knew it was important to start their family. When I was born and my mom and I were getting acquainted in her recovery room she was so excited to have me there with her, that she couldn't sleep. She sang "I am a Child of God" to me. She's always taught me to follow my Heavenly Father. I've seen her on her knees praying when she didn't know I was watching. She as taught me to but others first. Honestly it is so hard to say no to her when she wants to do something for you because she loves to serve others so much it hurts her feelings when you say no. She posses the sweetest smile. Her cheeks were made for her smiles. They are perfectly round when she gives you a genuine one. She always smells like...comfort...I don't know how to describe it any better. She has the perfect motherly shape for hugs. I know she'll hate me for saying that, but it's true.

She came from a broken home, but she has been a bridge with my dad to a better life for me and my siblings. She joined the church even when it meant she was disowned from her family. She served a mission for our church in Brazil. I said my whole life that I would serve a mission, but when it came time to start my papers I said I wasn't going to go. It broke my mom's heart. She cried. Honestly, it made me mad at the time, I thought she was being unfair. But seeing how much she wanted me to go, it really touched me and so I reconsidered. I am so grateful I went. I am so grateful for her example and caring.

She is a beautiful woman. People said she looked like Audrey Hepburn when she was younger. And it's true. She always gets so excited about Christmas and birthdays that she can't help but give us some presents early...and then she goes out and buys more. She laughs the hardest at her own jokes. When we're all together as a family, she loves to have us go around the dinner table and say nice things about her. It's endearing. :) She "cheats" at our family game nights...and we love her more for it. :) She has always loved our pets...probably more than most people do. She "talks" for them. She has a voice for each of them and they love her more than anybody. She can't ever get our names right. Sometimes I'm Julia...sometimes I'm Ginger, our cat. But it doesn't matter. I know she loves me more than anything, and I love her. I love her for being a life line as I've become a mom. I love her for her being her.
Happy birthday mom! I LOVE you!

Ginger, John, Jane, William, Winne, Rosie, aka Julia :)


  1. Happy Birthday, Sister Holbein! She was always one of my favorites back in KY. She's so sweet and really does have the best smile. Hope it's a great day for her!