Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Month 6

You are 6 months old now. I spend time each day just staring at you trying to take in all of your cuteness, your smiles, your unconditional love, your energy, your giggles, everything. Everyday I look forward to seeing you achieve your milestones. Every month I think that that month is my favorite time of your life thus far, but then the next month is my new favorite. Each day you seem to grow more and more and I love it.

You are hands down the happiest baby I've ever seen. You smile smile smile at everything. And the best part of your smiles is that they make your already chubby cheeks even chubbier and more kissable. Love love love it.

You can blow raspberry's with your lips. You have the cutest pout. You  pull your upper lip in and push your bottom one out, just like I do actually. :)

You've made a very special friend in the past few weeks. You get so excited every time you see him the the mirror. I don't have the heart to tell you it's your reflection. You give each other high fives and kisses. Dad says that your head butting your little buddy, not kissing him since you're a boy, but I think I'm right.

You can get on your hands and knees by yourself. You can't crawl yet but you can scoot. In fact you scooted right off the bed one day. Opps. But you were OK...after snuggles. And now that you can roll both ways you have come dangerously close to rolling off the bed. But we keep a much closer eye on you now.

And you can sit on your own. You still tip over on occasion, but you love the easy access to your toes.

We love your little quirks. We love how you grab our noses and think it's so funny. We love how when you face plant on our laps it means you want to be flipped upside down. We love how much you love having your cheeks kissed.

We absolutely adore you little dude!

Mom and Dad


  1. Welcome to the best stage in the world. 6 months-18 months is my absolutely favorite. (so far, of course) :)

  2. I think every baby has to go through an initiation of falling off the bed. Janen thought she had to do it more than once to be accepted...