Monday, February 28, 2011

Month 7

Dear little man,

Happy 7 months Mr. Handsome Pants!! Oh you are oh so fun. So fun. When you go to sleep we love to watch you. We love how you sleep with your little bum up in the air with your knees tucked under you. We love your little yawns and snores. We especially love that you sleep through the night and you don't need to be swaddled anymore. That's the best.

We love how silly you've become. Everything makes you giggle with delight. And scream. You've learned to scream with delight. It's so adorable. You love when we squeeze your chubby thighs. You love when we kiss your cheeks. It makes you grin ear to ear. You love when we flip you up side down. You've become so social. You squeal when we see your friends. You love to pat their hands and heads. You still love your little friend in the mirror. We went to IKEA the other day and when we passed the mirrors you looked so surprised and thrilled to see your friends there with us. We had to stop so you could have a little chat. Sometimes I have to avoid mirrors because if you see your little buddy we have to stop and play for a long time. :)

I am amazed everyday with how much you learn. I can see it your big blue eyes. You take everything in. In just the past few days you've gotten a tooth, started waving, rocking on your hands and knees, holding yourself up on the edge of chairs, you can walk across the room when we hold your fingers.

We love you Rhett!!

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  1. I feel like I just read about him turning 6 months! This month flew by! Happy 7 months Rhett! Get ready for lots of baby proofing over the next few months!