Sunday, February 6, 2011

A Little Note

Before I got married I thought I wanted 6 kids. When we got married we decided 4 would be ideal. After spending the past week watching 5 kids for a family friend I think I'll take 3. It's a good solid prime number. Anyway, the kids I watched were wonderful. Really, they were adorable so stinking cute and I loved watching them.

So to sum up the adventures of the week, here's a little note I would have hypothetically written to the kiddos.

Dear Children,

No, you cannot have 10 Oreos. Yes, you are all the baby's favorite. No, I can't give you all a piggy back all at once. Yes, that was a really funny joke you just made up. No, I don't want to go dance with Chuck-E-Cheese. When I ask you to put your plate on the counter, that doesn't mean put it on the floor. How have you not heard me calling your name 12 times just now? Yes, I can beat that level on Mario for you. Has anyone seen the kitty? No, I have never met Santa Claus. How about you ask your mom how Rhett got in my belly. Girls, I'm sorry I only know how to do a pony tail.  Please don't run around in your underwear. Please put your PJ's on. And please don't ever forget I think you are all absolutely wonderful. :)
Love, Julia


  1. Hmmm, that sounds a lot like my life! I bet those kids that you watched were the cutest things ever!!!! :) Thanks again. You're great!

  2. So cute! Glad you had fun. You're one brave woman!

  3. One of my best friends has 5 kiddos. Sometimes I go over to her house and I end up just sitting there in awe as to how well she handles it all. And then I go home and wonder why 2 is so stinkin' hard somtimes...

    And then I decide I'm just not meant to have 5 kids.

  4. I like what Laura said, "and then i decide I'm just not meant to have 5 kids." I totally agree as well. 3 is a great, great number and I really feel like that's all I can handle. Now I just have to help my husband understand that cause he's still rooting for 5. Easy for him to say, he's not the one doing the "job" full time.