Thursday, April 1, 2010

Our Love Triangle

Revolves around...

a book

and us.

On our trip to Florida Jake picked out the first book in the series to read on the plane.
(Emphasis on the PLANE)

He ended up reading everyday of our vacation.

When we got home, he bought the next two in the series.

He finished them both in 3 weeks.

(Side note: My husband has read at the most 2 books since we have been married prior to this.)

Of course we had to rush and get the fourth when he was done with the first 3.

(I don't think he's gone to bed before 1:30 AM since he started reading them.)

The poor guy did have to wait 2 weeks for the final book to come out.

Now, 2375 pages later he is done with the series.

Maybe now cuddling time will go back to normal.


  1. It is such a great series!! They are the reason my fourth graders read so much now.

  2. Thanks for including that they're fourth graders. :-P