Monday, April 26, 2010

Great News

Jake called me the other day and told me he had "great news". I told him that I also had "great news", but that he could go first.

This was Jake's news: BYU has over 13,000 student employees and each year 90(ish) students get nominated for Student Employee of the Year. When Jake got to work that day, there was a congratulations banner hung over his desk because he had been NOMINATED for Student Employee of the Year!! (he works for Staff Employment as a project manager and makes online trainings) And although he didn't win, it was still a HUGE honor to be nominated as one out of 13,000.

This was my news: At work, one of the other teacher's mom came over from Germany and brought me two, not one, but TWO bags of my favorite gummy candies called Fred Ferkels. Two whole bags! I haven't had these in almost 3 years...I can't find them here in the states.

Jake gets nominated for Student Employee of the year and I get my favorite candy.

Self great day. :)

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  1. That's awesome! David also got nominated for Student Employee of the Year, too! They gave him a framed certificate & everything. He didn't win, either, but I was so proud of him. :)