Monday, May 2, 2011

Month 9

Little man,
You are the best thing in our live. We just love you. You are so adorable. So stinking cute. I'm not saying me or your dad are bad looking people...but we're not sure how we got such an adorable little man.

This month you have developed so many new talents. You wave, clap hands, give kisses and high fives. All are conditional on you of course but we live for a big, slobbery, open mouth kiss from you.

You love to sit at the front door and watch the world go by. You especially love when school lets out and all the kids walk home. A lot of them say hi to you and it makes you feel awesome. :)

Ever since you got so sick and we had to take you to the hospital you've been extra cuddly. You lay your head on our shoulders, you sit on our lap and play with a toy. We've always loved your high energy but we also love this new side of you.

You've gotten so much better at independent play. You love to babble and tell us everything on your mind. You are growing up little man!

We love you so much Rhett,
Mom and Dad

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