Saturday, January 15, 2011

Swept Off My Feet

Jake is a usually wonderful at being romantic.
He leaves me little notes.
He rubs my feet.
He loves to cuddle.
He gets my car door.
He twirls me in the grocery store.
We slow dance in the kitchen.
But some times he misses the mark.
The other night I mentioned how much I would love love love to go back to Mexico for a second honeymoon, have him bring him a Pina Colada and to wear a really cute (sexy) bathing suit that made me look like Ms. America.
His response: "How about we go eat at a mexican resturant, I get you some Pina Colada flavored gum, and you can wear your favorite bra."

So close honey, but not quite the same.
Please watch this clip and one day take me to Mexico.

Here's to happily ever after. :)

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