Friday, January 7, 2011

Month 5

Dear Rhett,

How did you get to be 5 months? How did yo get to be so handsome? You get more and more fun each day. We love the little boy you are becoming. In the mornings you wake up cooing and babbling and usually squeal with happiness when you see us. There is nothing that boosts my confidence more than that.

One of my favorite things about you is your chubby thighs. Your Michelin man rolls are so kissable. You are a hefty little man but you're more solid and thick than plump. Weighing in at 16 lbs 10 ounces you are wearing 6 to 12 month clothing. I love shopping for you. We go together and we get which ever option you reach for. Which is sometimes both, but that shows you've got my genes. :)

You are our little jumping bean. When ever you are standing you start pushing off whatever surface you're on and start jumping. You love your Johnny Jump-Up. You bounce like your life was depending on it. You bounce in circles, you bounce on one foot, on both feet, with your hands in the air, while sucking on your fists, while cooing, while crying.

You love your toes more than we ever thought anyone could love their toes. You get so frustrated if for some reason they are out of your grasping fingers. You're so close to getting them in your little mouth but your Budda belly is a little too round. Still, you're more flexible than either me or your dad. Our favorite is when you are grabbing both sets of toes and then roll onto your side because gravity takes over. So long as you can still see and grab your toes you'll lay on your side for a long time.

One morning when we were having morning cuddle time, you decided to roll from your back to your tummy. I don't know who was more proud, us or you. Now that you can roll, we can't keep you on your back. Problem is you can't roll the other way yet so you get frustrated after awhile.
And you are so gung-ho about learning something new that already you are starting to scoot. You look so surprised when you push yourself forward. I'm counting the weeks till you start crawling. I'm predicting 8ish.

I think you've inherited a little bit of your dad's love for gadget with buttons. You love our cell phones. You love watching the screen light up when you hit a button. You love to try and grab the phone when we're talking on it. When you're really fussy when we're out running errands I turn no my ring tone playlist and you have a happy little jam session in your car seat. And I swear you're starting to put the phone to your ear like you're talking on it.

You're our favorite. Thank you for coming to us. :)

Mom and Dad

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  1. Oh he is adorable!!! My kids are so excited for you to come. And I am really excited for you to come also for many reasons but I also want to see that little guy and play with him a bit. Your cute posts about him make me a little baby hungry!