Thursday, January 20, 2011

Jake thinks he's so funny

So the other night I was watching the Bachelor (Yes I like that show. Although I'm not so much a fan of Brad Womack, the current bachelor. Something about the way he talks rubs me the wrong way. But more on than later.) and enjoying the romance, as planned and unrealistic as it may be. You've got to admit though, that going on a date in a helicopter, to be serenaded by Seal while wearing a custom 55 caret diamond necklace, would be totally awesome.


So I'm watching this and I get up to get a drink and a snack and I leave the laptop next to Jake. I come back and wiggle the mouse to refresh the screen and what's on the desktop? Not Brad with his shirt off, not a girl crying because he kissed another girl, not another pool party with everyone drinking champagne by the bucket. No, not anything slightly romantic.

There was this man staring at me.

Totally freaked me out.

And Jake could not stop laughing.


Jake has also recently discovered you can create pick up lines using diaper brands.

For example: "You're love is like a diaper. You give me Huggies. "


"Luvs ain't got nothing on your love baby."

He finds himself quite witty.

I bet Brad would never say that on a date.


  1. Ha ba ha ha jake! You're hilarious! Id pick you if you were on the bachelor!

  2. Julia, I've got to hand it to you. Your blog is the most entertaining one I read! And I have a confession: I also like 'that' show, except I haven't been able to bring myself to watch Brad Womack on it since this is his 2nd time plus I'm tired of seeing him on the cover of magazines at the grocery check out.

  3. hahaha!! You guys are hysterical! I think I would thoroughly enjoy watching you life in a sitcom!