Thursday, January 20, 2011

I see you...

Reading my blog. And I wanted to say thank you!
(P.S. Isn't this a fabulous picture? If I could pull it off I would totally wear this hat.)
I'm always amazed when I look at my stats and see who is reading and where they are from.
So far the breakdown looks something like this:

United States: 5,940 Canada: 210
Germany: 194 Mexico: 74
United Kingdom: 68 Finland: 53
Japan: 28 Russia: 21
Taiwan: 21 Egypt:17
Spain: 15 Saudi Arabia: 12
Really, I feel humbled and grateful to see that our little life is being read all over the world.
I'm pretty sure I don't know anyone in Saudi Arabia, but if I do and I'm forgetting your name I apologize! :)
And as a side note, please don't be afraid to leave a COMMENT!!!
Because we all know the more comments you get, the more awesome you are. :)
And who doesn't need a little validation in their life?


  1. I know I know... I HATE when people don't leave comments on my blog and you can see that tons of people have visited! I am definitely a regular reader of your blog and I LOVE it :)

  2. Hey, I'm the Finland reader! I went to high school with Jake in Coos Bay and am now living in Finland (crazy story there). After a random facebook search of people I graduated with, I found Jake's profile, saw that he was married, and discovered your blog. And let me tell you, you write such an engaging and interesting blog, full of character and spunk! It's been so fun to read about your love story, hear about your life, and see your little bundle of Rhett! Thought I'd put a face to the phantom Finland statistic. It's just me. :)

  3. I don't know you not even your husband, but I feel like if I do! I have been reading your blog since you started it! How did I find it? I don't remember but since the first time I read it... I admired you!! You are really an incredible writer! I love the way you express your feelings!

    My favorite post is: "Still Learning" (I even cried) You are a good example...!!

    I have never left a comment because I thought I was being an intruder!!!

    Ok, if there's someone from Mexico appearing in your stats that's me :)
    I'm LDS too!!!


    PS.: An apology if my English is not good!