Friday, July 30, 2010

Month 9

Dear Baby,

Today is your due date. For the past 9 months you and I have been inseparable. Literally. It really doesn't surprise me that you are running a little behind schedule. With me as your mother, you are very likely to inherit the ability to be running late to almost everything. We'll work on that together.

I just wanted to let you know how much I've loved carrying you for the past 270 days. You have been a great little guy. Thank you for all your personality. Thank you for having your most preferred position being with your little bum sticking straight up so it protrudes very prominently from my belly, allowing me to rub it. (Which you seem to love.) Thank you for providing us with so much entertainment watching you kick and punch and flip and being so interactive. I don't know if there has ever been a baby as active as you. Even your doctors are astounded at how much you move during our check-ups. You've kicked or punched the heart beat monitor away more than once. :) Thank you for all your cute hiccups. You seem to have them daily and they make my belly jump. Thank you for dancing in my belly when you hear music at church or on the radio. You seem to get the most excited when a song with Ludacris or Katy Perry comes on a song. We're not sure how to interpert that, but it is cute. Thank you for being healthy and for moving when I ask you too. Thank you for sparing me from too much morning sickness, heartburn, weight gain and other less desirable pregnancy issues.

We pray for you and are so excited, and to be honest a little nervous, to see you. Take your time. We're ready when you are.

Love Mom and Dad


  1. happy due date! we're praying everything goes well for you guys over the next few days!

  2. Ok, I totally remember the bum up stage and it was so funny to me because Greg would always "spank her bum"!!!!

    Hope this baby gets here soon! I can't wait to see some pictures!