Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Comfort and Cookies

I've been on a baking spree lately (even though it makes our house disgustingly hot). For some reason, baking warm, soft cookies reassures me about my upcoming entrance to motherhood. It reassures me that I can take care of others, produce something that will make those I love happy, and makes me feel like a mom.

I'm excited for my kids and Jake to come home and to have a sweet afternoon snack waiting for them on a colorful plate. To gather around the table and hear about their days, their triumphs and heartaches. I might not ever grow to love cooking...but I'm excited to share the passions of my baking love affair with my kiddos and husband.

The other day I realized that once our little guy is born, it will be probably almost a year before he gets to eat a chocolate chip cookie. Right now he can get them from when I eat them so I asked him if he wanted a cookie. He did. So I baked chocolate chip/M&M cookies. Based on all his kicking I think he enjoyed them as much as I did. Yum. :)


  1. Mmmm... if we were still living next door... :)
    We're so excited for you guys. We'll be keeping you in our prayers the next few weeks!

  2. Dang I wish I lived closer to you. I crave baked goods on a daily bases. Not just sweets but homemade baked goods. But I'm always too tired to make them just for myself...Plus I'm trying really hard not to get Nate fatter with all of my cravings for sweets and desserts. So I just try to avoid the cravings. But it would be nice to be your neighbor right now! haha. By the way you are going to be a great Mom. And you or Jake better text me when you have the baby and post pictures immediately or just text me a picture because I am so excited for you guys! Sorry for the very long comment! You guys are great!