Thursday, July 29, 2010


Nesting: The unexplainable urge in women to create a room/environment to bring their baby home to. May include obsessing over rugs, thread count, and testing crib mattresses at Babies R Us for firmness.

Now we just need our little guy to get the heck out of my tummy.
We promise the crib is more comfortable than your current residence.


  1. soon enough he'll be here! good luck! can't wait to see pictures of the little mister!!!

  2. Oh the Nursery looks great! It was so great seeing you guys last night!! I hope that little guy comes soon!

  3. Love the nursery and that you have sailboats! So cute! And isn't it funny what nesting can do. I made James climb on top of the kitchen counters and dust off the tops of the cabinets. Those things were filthy.