Thursday, July 22, 2010

Pillow Talk

I am so grateful we have a king sized bed. Jake is 6'2 and I currently have an insanely active little boy residing in my tummy and if we has a smaller bed I think we'd go crazy.

And maybe we are already going a little crazy. I've become a semi-insomniac and Jake, being so sweet, is trying very hard to make me comfortable...even when he's not really awake.

For example, Jake keeps trying to rub my feet or the middle of the night...when he is asleep. I wake up to him pulling my legs out from under the covers and usually pulling me across the bed as well.

I admit I've become a pillow hog. I need at least 4. The other night as I was crossing the room on one of my many trips to the bathroom. From out of the darkness came one of our throw pillows flying toward me. Jake, still asleep, was sitting up in bed, and had just chucked a pillow at me. He said "Here's another pillow for your throat." (???) And then he fell over and went back to sleep.

I wonder what's going to happen when our little dude gets here and we're getting way less sleep.


  1. hahahahaha!

    Seriously you guys always have the funniest stories.
    I love you both!!

  2. I'm jealous you have a king sized bed! When I was pregnant, I kicked James out of bed many times because I couldn't sleep when he was there. I mean being pregnant already makes a woman like a bajillion times warmer, but put a man who is a walking heater next to you and you might as well be sleeping on the sun! Not to mention the sciatica pain. Poor James! But how sweet that Jake rubs your feet in the middle of the night. What a guy; looking out for his wife. That's a winner!

    P.S. I would like to add you to my blog readers. Email me at and I'll add ya!