Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Dear Snow,

Today around 12:30pm I saw a few of your delicate snow flakes falling from the cloudy sky. You are so lovely, I'll admit it. But, you just need to go away now. You need to stop threatening the coming of spring. It is always nice to see you again during the Christmas season and even a little bit after that... but now you're just being selfish.

I have things I want and need to do outside.

I want to wake up and not have to worry about what shoes I'm going to wear because I'm not sure if you dumped 6 inches or not, or if the weather will turn nasty in the middle of a 55 degree day. And believe me... I worry about what shoes I wear around you. Especially because I spend and hour and a half outside at recess with my kiddos everyday. My Uggs are worn out after 2 Utah winters and I have so many cute flats I am dieing to bring out of the closet.

I want to take walks with my husband and not have to worry about you surprising us and me freezing my toes off. That'd be nice.

I need to get a little color on my arms, leg, and face. I am starting to resemble Edward Cullen, and I prefer to look like Jacob.

I want to take a blanket outside with my sweet husband and have a picnic and read books together under a shaddy tree. (I also think I NEED this, not just want it) :)

So dear snow, please go away. Please do not make an appearance of any sort. I'm over you. For real.

Lovie Dovies,


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