Monday, April 11, 2011

Security Objects

Jake recently re-found this.

Yes, it's a hamburger pillow. 
Was I hiding it from him...maybe.

He insists on keeping it on our bed. 

It doesn't match.
He says it's only fair for him to keep it because Rhett and I have "security objects".
Mama Bear
Because I love Jake I induldge the creepy hamurger pillow, 
but I think I might start praying it gets lost when we move...

Anyone else still have a "security object"?


  1. Hey Julia! Cute blog. And I was laughing when I read Jake wanted the pillow out, I thought Rhett did ;)
    I had a pink fleece blanket for a few years...I took it on my mission with me and could NOT fall asleep unless the dang thing was in bed with me, same thing for when I was home from my mission..Thankfully Steven broke me of that when we got married...I no longer have feelings for my pink blanket, it's weird! :)

  2. Julia,

    I love your new pillows for your bed. You have great taste. They are elegant and beautiful! Mom

  3. Where had you been hiding the creepy hamburger pillow? It sounds like it took Jake a while to notice!