Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The "List"

I don't think it's really hit us yet that we're moving. Like moving like grown ups do. Packing up the house. Leaving the state. Probably paying an outrageous sum of $$$ for rent...or hopefully a down payment on a house. (Eeeek!) Making new friends. Leaving old ones. Actually having to pay for a baby sitter.  

Yeah I don't think this has sunk in yet.

With Edward Jones we get to chose where we live. Which is a huge bonus. But it's also overwhelming...sometimes I wish we were just told were to long as it wasn't Montana, North or South Dakota or Wyoming.) Where we move will be where we raise our kids. Where we'll be till Jake retires. So we're talking about the next 25 years. 

We started off with a fairly long list of options. 

California (Northern)
Texas (Dallas area)
North Carolina
New York

And now we've gotten it down to two...Arizona (Gilbert, Mesa area) or Cary, North Carolina. 

We complied our list from searching top places to live lists and then looking up the towns that interested us. We want a younger population, job growth, good schools, community unity, affordable housing, close proximity to a temple and mild winters. 

So in May we are traveling to both AZ and NC (pray that Rhett doesn't go crazy with the time changes. We're doing both trips back to back) If you have any advice, thoughts, experience with either of these 2 states PLEASE share. :)


  1. You are welcome to stay with us when you come visit Gilbert. We have lots of baby stuff. :)

  2. That's a huge decision knowing that you'll be there for so long! Say you found a place and 10 yrs down the road are ready for a change... could you be relocated within his company? Well we wish you'd come to Texas, but I guess that we'd just leave you in a couple years if you did. Good luck!

  3. Dad and I know you will make the right decision. We are excited for all three of you. We always found moving fun. I loved finding new places to hang pictures in our new places. We always found dear friends that are still very dear to us. We have loved every ward or branch we have lived in and feel our journey has been guided by Heavenly Father. May yours be, too. We love you Julia, Jake and Rhett.

  4. My tops would have been AZ, Texas, and NC. AZ is my dream!! Close enough to family, WEATHER, golf courses (for Jeff), WEATHER, Mormons, WEATHER. Can you tell why I want to go there? You can bear 120 degrees for 3 months in order to get 9 months of bliss. We'll miss you.

  5. If you move to NC I will be eternally jealous! I love North and South Carolina, it is so beautiful and the people are great.

  6. I have to tell you, there are some VERY cheap new homes in the Gilbert/Mesa area. I wish we could move there, but we're not willing to commit to the commute yet. It would actually be cheaper to buy a home than to rent an apartment at this point in Mesa. And the Mesa temple is just beautiful.

  7. Arizona all the way! But I must say, you should consider Phoenix as well. No commute and close to everything! Still strong wards, and you live in the city. My sister lives in Mesa though, and likes it. (I grew up and North Phx, and we live in East Phx currently, and I do love a lot of things about Phoenix!) Let me know if you have any questions, or need help finding a house here - my brother in law is a real estate broker! You would seriously love AZ. It's hard to find someone who doesn't...

  8. Oooo! Exciting that you are narrowing it down! Mesa Gilbert area is great, my sister lives out there and I have visited her and it is a great place. Ben lived in NC while in high school, so maybe he could give you some insight on that. I think visiting there you will feel really quick a yes or no for either of those. It's amazing how quickly you can get a feel for a place. I am guessing which one you will like better.... I am not gonna say though... it's more fun that way. Can't wait to hear how the trips go!

  9. Hey I found your blog through Jake's fbook (we went to high school together) and 1) I think you're probably the most adorable person I've ever (not) met:) 2) cute kid! 3) North Carolina! NC is absolutely beautiful. I'm talkin- on days when you feel your whole spirit is in the dumps if you're in NC just look outside and you'll be reminded that God exists and REALLY loves you - kind of beautiful. You could live right near the beach, but the cost of living is about 1/3 of cal or oregon. Real Estate in the south is incredible. I'm in Georgia and you can buy a house here for 75-80K that would cost you 200K on the west coast. A house that's 150K is practically a palace. I'm not knocking Arizona, I just really loves me some North Carolina.

    Nice to (sort of) meet you:)