Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Month 8

Child of mine,
I've put off writing this post because...we''ve been kind of a punk lately. I don't know if you're just being a little boy, or turning into a little hellion. Now that you can pull yourself to stand, anything that holds still for 5 seconds or more you will use it to stand. That includes other children and their faces. And they don't like that. Please stop. It's a little embarrassing every time you try to maul other children at play group.

Also...the excessive's not my favorite. I miss my happy, smiley little man. You've gotten 2 teeth this month so I know that teething is rough on your poor little gums. But it still is wearing me out. You are so cute with your little teeth. You LOVE your tooth brush and sometimes it's the only thing that will distract you long enough to hold still so I can change your diaper. Most days it seems like I spend so much time chasing your naked little bum around your room trying to get your diaper, pants, shirt, and socks on. You love the chasing. :)   
You startled crawling this month. You've really taken off with it. I' amazed how fast you can go now. I always know when you're coming because of how loud you breath. You're such a little snort and grunt all the time. And you babble constantly. You have something to say to everyone and everything. You blow a lot of raspberries and growl. One evening your dad said raised his voice at you and you responded with a deep growl. Classic. 

You love your bath more than anything else. When you hear the water filling the tub, you come crawling in and pull yourself up on the tub walls and watch the tub fill. You love to knock all the shampoo bottles into the water. You love when we poor water on your head. You love to pee in the tub too. Sigh.
Your favorite foods are blue berries, beets, sweet potatoes, apples, avocados, hummus, cheese, ice cream, green beans and anything we are eating. You love blue berries so much that one day I fed you too many of them and you had a very blue poopy diaper the next day. Sadly it did not smell like blue berries.

We've gone back to swaddling you at nap time. At night you've been sleeping fine unswaddled but after 2 weeks of terrible naps and tantrums I decided to follow your lead and swaddle you again. And now you do wonderful. Thank goodness.

This has been a difficult month for you but I love how you are growing. Sometimes I wish I could send you to Neverland and keep you my little boy longer. Maybe this month was harder because I haven't been following your lead enough. I don't think I give you enough credit for you knowing  what is best for you. I am your mother, but I will promise to follow your cues and lead as you grow up.

We adore you Rhett,
Mom and Dad


  1. Teething is rough...there's no way around it. We've dealt with some rocky months lately with Noah, too. It will pass...(eventually.)

  2. Just wait until he gets his first molar! Gives a whole new meaning to teething. Warning signs, unbelievably needed, whiny and cranky you are thinking of selling him (temporarily)! LOL! A little baby tylenol and some orajel and they are right back to being their happy selves. :)