Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Just sittin' here

Just sitting here on the front porch while Rhett naps.

Watching paint dry.

(More on that soon.)

Talking to our mailman.

I probably should ask him his name...

Thinking about where on Earth we are going to move.

Watching videos of Rhett because for some reason I miss him when he sleeps.

Drinking my black cherry Fresca and trying not to eat too many sour patch kids.

Wondering why I love dandelions, but I really don't like tulips. 

Thinking I should have worn a skirt today, but was too lazy to shave.

Dreading emptying the dishwasher (my least favorite chore)...maybe Jake will do it. 

I think I hear Rhett. 

Maybe we'll go on a walk.

It's too nice out to be inside.


  1. I too watch videos of my kiddo when she sleeps. I can' help it, i just miss her so much!