Friday, November 26, 2010

Month Four

Dear Rhett,

You are our four month old handsome, happy, giggly, almost sleeping through the night, little guy. Maybe little guy isn't the best description. You are bigger than most of the 6 month olds at church. We love all of your rolls and folds. We can't stop kissing your cheeks and your fuzzy head. Your hair is getting blonder and blonder each week. With your dark blue eyes you are quite the cutie. You smile all the time, especially when we say your name with excitement. You have the best giggle and you always seem to get the hiccups when you laugh too hard. You still scream bloody murder when we make you do tummy time, but you are finally lifting your head. You're mastering grabbing your toys and putting them in your mouth. And you are starting to discover your toes. I catch you staring at your feet and then getting startled when they move. You love the song King of Anything by Sara Barellis. We listen to it when we're making dinner and you kick your chubby legs so fast when it comes on. You coo so much now. One night you woke up after being asleep for about an hour and we went in to make sure you were OK.

When you saw us you started grinning and it is hard, so very hard, to be frustrated with you when you look at us like that. (And we think you know this) You started cooing and talking to us. I said, "Rhett did we forget to say family prayer?" You cooed. I asked you who should say it and you squealed with happiness. We took that to mean that you wanted to. So we started the prayer and you repeated every thing we said with your little noises. So adorable.

We love you little buck-a-roo,

Mom and Dad

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